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Sea Plane of the Future?

Imagine a plane that can fly you above the clouds, and then beneath the seas.  Imagine a plane that could drop bombs on your enemies, and torpedo the deepest nuclear submarines.  Imagine the future.

DARPA is working on plans for just such a plane.  However, it will probably be some middle ground in the above examples I gave.  Civilians will never get to use it, and it probably wont go deep enough to get to the Typhoons, but it will make for a pretty awesome plane.

However, when I’m thinking of this ship, i think of the underwater sequence from Sky Captain and The World Of Tomorrow.

Instead, it’s probably gonna be more like this:

which is no where near as awesome.
Oh well, maybe in a few dozen years or so we will get Mustangs that can drop out of the sky and fly under water, that would be so awesome!

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End of an Aviation Icon

The F-117 Night Hawk, the first true stealth aircraft was retired in April of this year.  Now it looks like the first one has met its end with a garpple-equipped Caterpillar:

It looks like the operator had some fun.  How Ironic would it be if it was a Russian behind the wheel of that?

I feel bad because all my favorite planes are being replaced with new ones.  Granted these new ones are more advanced, and stuff.  But they are also way more expensive.  Not only that, but with the advent of faster and faster fighters, dog-fighting as it was invented just isn;t the same anymore.  And that’s sad, because that’s what made fighter pilots so awesome, at least to me anyway.

Until we have an epic space war with some aliens (or ourselves) (no robots though!), I think the fighter pilot as we know it right now, is gone and done.


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True Speed

I take this story as true, no reason for it not to be, except for it to just be funny, which it is.

Basically its the story of increasing speed between a Cessna, a Twin Beach, an F-18, and an SR-71.  Guess who wins?  I don’t want to spoil the fun for those who don’t know the answer, so you can read it here.


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Firefighting Foam!

This is a Test, This is Just a Test. No need to get all worried about anything, after all, this is just a test.

Now aren’t you glad you tested that.  Something horrible could happen now, and you will be alright knowing that your B-1 Lancer’s won’t get burned too much if a fire breaks out.  It also looks like it’s not dangerous, and quite fun at the same time.

In case you’re wondering, this all happened when the valve wouldn’t close during a real test at Ellsworth Air Force Base.

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Invade New Zealand

One of the better video’s I’ve seen lately, this really get’s you thinking. If we don’t invade soon, someone else might! {Invade Newzealand}

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It’s D-Day


June 06, 1944, D-Day,  In case you all forgot, today was the day we turned the tides of WWII.  Ah what a much needed invasion that was.  It makes me want to watch Saving Private Ryan now.