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The Hummer H1

I love the Hummer.  If I could have any car in the world, that would be it.  Sure it’s got terrible gas mileage.  Sure it’s massive and wouldn’t fit up my driveway.  Sure it’s excessive.  But it’s just so damn cool.  I don’t need toe $200k version.  I’m OK with an army surplus one from eBay.

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A 360° View of The F-35

This is a pretty good video that goes over some of the advanced features of the new fifth-generation fighter, the F-35:

It’s a nice video, the beginning of it doesn’t really merit a 360° video, but it’s still cool.  There’s alot of 35,000 foot type view information given of the different systems and how they work together on this $400 million aircraft.  The meat and potatoes comes towards the end when they simulate the view pilots have while they’re wearing the next-generation helmet which gives them all sorts of advantages in battle.  I think you should watch the full video, it’s pretty enlightening and proves how the USAF is at the forefront of design and development military might.

{Business Insider}

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SR-71 The Music Video

There is not much else to say except watch this grainy 80s era video showcasing the fastest airplane ever made.  Watch it, enjoy it, re-live the golden era.


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Little Boy

Little Boy

It’s the marking of the turning point of world history.  The United States of America showed the world that the power of the atom was within their hands, and with one plane, and one bomb, the devastated the town of Hiroshima.

This ultimatum unfortunately was not enough, and another bomb was necessary to end the war with Japan.



To the Edge of Space

Complete in full 360° glory!  Some crazy Russians (might not actually be Russians, but rather great Capitalists!) have attached a Samsung Gear 360 camera to the tail of a MiG as it flew into the stratosphere at speeds approaching Mach 2.  I will say, traveling at supersonic speeds is one of my all time dreams, and even though the clouds of this flight were boring, the knowledge that this type of trip is offered is enough to make me super excited for getting my own $20,000 together to try myself!.

{360 Rumors|The Aviationist}

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Turns out, World War I wasn’t really good for anything except messing up things.  Anyway, last week marked the 100th anniversary of the deceleration of war on the Empire of Germany.  The exact date was April 04, 1917.  In real terms, there were lots of Americans in the war in one way or another, but now, the full military might of the United States of America was in it to win it.

Up until this point, America wasn’t really seen as the mighty super power it was.  The main benefit of America’s joining was the influx of new troops to the front lines.  Slowly, over the course of the war, and the years that followed, America transformed itself into the global power that it would soon be famous for.

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Please watch The Last Ship

There are very few television shows I get excited about.  I’ve told you before about The Last Ship.  I’m telling you again.  Season 3 is about to wrap up, there’s only 2 more episodes left, there’s still time for you to catch up on the previous 2 and 3/4 seasons streaming it somewhere.

This show is a rollercoaster of action and drama.  I think my favorite part though is that the writers don’t pull punches.  They also take advantage of being a cable show by using and showing violence, but not be gratuitous with it.  It’s safe to watch with older kids, and it’s mostly accurate from a military point of view (at least as far as I can tell and research that is).

I won’t spoil anything, just go watch it please.  I want a 5th season (season 4 has already been renewed).



Carrier Landing

They tout this as landing an R/C plane on a moving R/C Airfract Carrier.  It’s half true.  They do land an R/C plane on a carrier, but it’s an R/C quad-copter that looks like a plane.  It’s cheating.  That’s all I’ll say about that.

Now though, watch the above, and the below to see some of the detail added to this carrier.

Towards the end they show the command control module for the Carrier.  It definitely has it’s fair share of buttons and knobs.  I’m sure it was a nightmare to put together and figure out.  It probably requires a few permits to actually use.  And, yes it’s based off of the USS Kitty Hawk.

Here’s a behind the scenes video of how they built this model:

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Alaska by Air

This isn’t quite the tour I’ll be taking of the great state to the north, but it’s still a pretty great video showing the beauty of Alaska, albit from a few hundred/dozen feet above the ground.  I’m pretty sure I haven’t posted this before, but I can’t remember, and my search of the blog archives isn’t helping, so if I posted it before, oops.  If I didn’t, enjoy:


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Experimental aircraft are cool.  They usually fall into one of two categories, useful prototypes of future airplanes and technology, or crazy strange aircraft that have no business defying gravity.  The Grumman X-29 is one of the latter.  It’s famous for having strange forward-swept wings.  Something that looks like it’s flying backwards.  It’s design meant it relied 100% on a computer, six of them to be exact, they all worked in parallel to back each other up and vote on what the outcome would be.  It’s instability was supposed to be countered by extreme maneuverability, but unfortunately, real world testing didn’t confirm any of the predictions.


Anyway, Nathan has made a LEGO version of that famous plane.  It took him a long weekend to build, and used exactly 1,000 pieces.  I love the detail on the landing gear, which seems minor, but is really well done.

x-29 landing gear