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Microwave Things

microwaved highlighter


Honestly, how did we never think of that?  We’ve microwaved our fair share of items over the years, but never something as simple and easy to find as a Highlighter.  That’s a pretty great picture too.  I wonder what it smells like by the way, probably dangerously poisonous.


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The 2010 Olympic Stumble Event!

Its time again for the best stumbles in the history of the internet.  These fine stumbled pictures are up there for humor, love, wrongness, Nazi, and cute.  Only one can take home the gold, and end the post.  That picture has the responsibility to hold off the other stumbles until i write the next one, whenever that is.  So without further rambling on my part,

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Stumbles 20

No one cares about 19.  It’s such a silly number.  Even if it is prime, it’s silly.  Anyway, off for the 20th installment of the Stumbles series.  Got some good memes here, some good games, and some holiday cheer.  So be a good faith, and click the link below for some laughing good times.

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Nuclear Attack

Ah what an awesome site (pun intended).  Here you can find maps that predict the fallout that each state can experience if a nuclear war were to happen today.

As you can see, most sites of detonations are around major cities, so if you’re well outside a major city, you should be alright provided that the winds don’t blow towards you.  Oh, and you can’t live in Rhode Island.  You have no chance there.

New Hampshire looks like it’s the safest place to live, but still, you gotta be in the mountains, and not by the cities.

I really like the giant cluster of fallout that happens around missile silos.  Like in Montana, they do a good job explaining why that will happen, and what it comes down to is protection, many missiles are next to each other so that means that a strike can only happen on one at a time, leaving many more to fire out at the enemy.  There are 6 states that are classified as major fallout producers, with Wyoming getting in on the action too, but not above the limit apparently.

There’s tons of information there, and you could stay occupied for hours, or I could anyway.  Check it out, and remember, the world could end tomorrow, so it’s best to memorize these maps.

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Wolfram Alpha is Skynet

This made the rounds today I saw,apparently the new search engine thing Wolfram Alpha is not Skynet.  I didn’t think much of it because I don’t care too much about this site, if you know how to use Google properly, then you have no problems finding the information you want.  But I looked at the facts they posted about Skynet, and form a search engine that is all about giving cold hard facts without having to dig for them in websites and stuff, they got their data wrong.

They claim:

Skynet was destroyed on August 29, 1997 at 02:14 a.m. I, on the other hand, was not switched on until May 15, 2009. Furthermore, unlike Skynet, I enjoy interacting with humans.
(according to Sarah Connor and the T-800 in the 1991 science fiction film Terminator 2: Judgment Day, Skynet became self-aware and launched a nuclear attack against Russia on the above date to provoke a counterattack against humans)

They even cite their source. It’s a shame that their information is so damn wrong. Skynet wasn’t destroyed on August 29, 1997. It became self aware on August 29, 1997 and launched nuclear missiles against it’s one threat – humanity.  We know this as Judgment Day.  The Terminator films show a series of events that all lead us to believe that Skynet was destroyed, when in fact it has yet to even be born.

Following the events of Terminator 2, we learn that Judgment Day is inevitable, and that it now happens on July 24, 2004.  And this time there is nothing that can be done to prevent it.  The machines have risen.

In The Terminator we learn from Kyle Reese that the resistance has defeated Skynet, the year that happens is 2029.  Wolfram Alpha is wrong.  And I do not think that that is a very good indication of their powers with such a simple to verify fact.