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We Microwaved an Xbox 360!

microwaved xbox

Yes, yes we did.  That was just one of the new dangerous things we microwaved over spring break 2 weeks ago.  You can view all the Xbox 360 stuff, and then watch a video.  After the link I’ll tell you what new stuff we microwaved, and what happened.

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Microwave Site v 4.2

The Microwave Site version 4.2 is now live. Version, the last major update 4 was made live around October, and I never mentioned it because there were some behind the scenes updates I wanted to do. Now they are done, and version 4.2 is live. Personally, I think it’s the best version I have made.

You can view all the videos on the Microwave Science Video Page, and thanks to YouTube, embed them in your own site.

Isn’t that great?! Anyway, I think you all will have a good time with this site