Wooden Lightning


Yes, you could do this yourself, but really, you shouldn’t.  Microwaves are super dangerous, and the current levels this guy is playing around with can cause instant death.  That being said, I could be persuaded to purchase some of these pieces of art, if the price was right. {MAKE|Reddit}

Electrical Science


There are other things you can do with an old microwave instead of microwaving things, but it’s seriously dangerous.  Really, this guy is playing with the 2nd most dangerous part of the microwave.  Also, this guy needlessly sped up the audio and makes it seem fake. I really like spark that just sits and does … Continued

Insane Microwave Science


Some of you might remember that we here at Deadly Computer first got our start doing some strange Microwave experiments.  We did that for a few years, and had ammassed quite a following at our peak, nothing by today’s YouTube sensation standards, but enough for our small little website that could. Anyway, we may have … Continued

Microwave Things


  Honestly, how did we never think of that?  We’ve microwaved our fair share of items over the years, but never something as simple and easy to find as a Highlighter.  That’s a pretty great picture too.  I wonder what it smells like by the way, probably dangerously poisonous. {reddit}

Microwave Fun


Those who know me know that I got my start in the internet from a Microwave.  Many an hour was spent looking for things to microwave and what would happen to them when they went in.  My friends.  I have never tried something this dangerous, partly because I wanted to keep my microwave at a … Continued

Microwave Music


Ok, it’s alittle late, but I had to show it, just because it’s so awesome: I can only imagine how much power was needed to get those microwaves working like that.  I mean, look at all the extension cords!  From my count, it’s 49 microwaves, at around 500 watts each, that’s a lot of power.   … Continued

A real CD Bubble


Reader Brandon sent me these photos of a CD bubble he tried to make.  They are much better then my attempts, which resulted in really only some smelly plastic, and burnt fingers.  But it’s still nothing like the 6 inch long tube that girl made.  I got an idea on how to try making one … Continued

CD Bubble


This is pretty cool,but fro mthe looks of it, it’s made with the plastic blanks in a CD spindle not an actual CD.  I spent the last 10 mins trying it with various different CDs for varying lengths of time, and all I got were bubbled CD, and burnt fingers.  Oh well.  I like my … Continued

I know what happens when you Microwave something


I just got this video response to our infamous Xbox 360 in the microwave video I understand you’re pissed off, and I don’t know what to say to you.  No we are not spoiled brats, no we are not kids, (I’d tell you our ages, but I think that would hinder my argument more then … Continued

What is ViewItOn.TV?


I got an email, well, actually a message on my YouTube account that says this: Dear deadlycomputervideo, We are happy to inform you that your uploaded clip “Xbox 360 in the microwave” was selected by our ViewItOn.tv editors to be part of our TV show “Top 10 Tube” The show presents the most viewed and … Continued