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Are perpetually done.

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This wont run Crysis

LEGO Video Card

Unfortunately, this LEGO Ideas project doesn’t look like it’ll gather enough votes to become a reality.  It’s just too geeky I think.  300 pieces seems like quite alot for the simplicity of the design, although, I guess most of those pieces are the small 1×1 circles and connector pieces for the Technic beams.  That being said, it doesn’t look all too complicated, you could probably build one yourself if you wanted.

LEGO Video Card Bottom

{imgur|LEGO Ideas|Know Your Meme}

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Crushing Diamond

The Hydraulic Press Channel is really one of those great fun things that the internet has produced.  There’s no point to it, it’s like Will if Blend, except with in heavily accented English.  People send them stuff to crush under the hydraulic press.  It’s fun.  Watch him destroy a diamond.  Why?  Because he could.

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I Heard You Like Presses

Remember the Hydraulic Press Channel from last month?  Well he’s pressed quite a few other things since then.  Now he’s gone deeper though, he’s pressing a press in a press, with a press in a press.  Because he heard we liked presses.  Seriously, I think the Yo Dawg I Heard You Like Presses would have been a much more fitting title then Pressception.  But he probably wasn’t aware of that meme, after all that meme hasn’t been as popular in about 3 years.

Oh well, the video is pretty lack luster, it’s not that interesting, the presses are pretty basic and just get deformed, no real fun there.


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The Most Interesting Man in The World

Is about to embark on a one way trip to Mars.  Yes my friends, Dos Equis is retiring The Most Interesting Man in the World.  But not without a bang.  They’re going to send him off to Mars, and as always, he’s interesting, he has no regrets because he doesn’t know what regret feels like.

Here’s the first video in the sendoff campaign:

One of the real stories is of the actor that plays him, Jonathan  Goldsmith.  Goldsmith basically faked his way through Hollywood, but being in the Dos Equis commercials was his big break.  NPR has an article about him, it’s worth a read, you’ll finish it quick, trust me.

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Charlie: The Grand Finale

You might have thought it would never happen but it is, Charlie The Unicorn is one of the older (11 years now!) viral videos of the internet, and for the past 4 years we’ve been stuck with Charlie The Unicorn 4 as the last entry in the saga, but as of now, a 30 minute grand finale is going to happen.

Jason Steele of FilmCow has put together a Kickstarter to fund the final chapter of the Charlie saga.  He’s asking for $35,000, as of this writing he’s at around $60,000, so he better fucking deliver this magical masterpiece of inadvertent adventure.  I’m super excited about the whole thing in a bittersweet way.  I hope it’s as good as Mr. Steele says it will be, but at 30 minutes long, it should hopefully involve some wild and crazy adventures.  Maybe that snowman will come to life and be a problem.  That’d be sweet.

In case you’re unsure of where things left off, here is the series thus-far:


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STumble Time

Fresh on the heals of this morning’s announcement that we’re going back to our crazy, WW2, politically-incorrect stumble-fest roots, here’s the latest batch of stumble pictures and gifs.  You’re welcome.

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Coke & Mentos

This craze may be so 8 years ago, but this video is only 6 weeks ago.  I’m not sure what purpose it serves, or why but hey, this is the internet, don’t ask stupid questions if you don’t want stupid answers


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Alternate History Thursdays – In A.D. 2101

Today marks the 14 year anniversary of what I consider the greatest meme of all time.  That’s right, I’m talking about All Your Base are Belong to Us.

While it’s impossible to say for sure when the video was made, Know Your Meme has a pretty decent timeline, and that’s what I’m going by.  Recent history has forgotten the greatest of memes, but over the years, people have given it it’s rightful place in the world.  It’s amazing to think how the world has changed since then.  And to think what is considered a “viral” video, or meme now adays.

With the uptake of reddit, whole new memes are created and killed in a single day.  Gone are the days when memes would fester and take time to grow correctly.  ICanHazCheezburger really was one of the downfalls of the internet meme.  It used to be that photos had to be found, culled, and then turned into the hilarious photo macros that we know and love.  Now, anyone with a smart phone can take a picture, apply their own text, and make a meme.

The same thing went with Demotivational Posters. They use to be amazing.  Now, not so much.  I never was one for the Courage Wolf, Insanity Wolf, Philosoraptor, or any of those other macros. But those too have been made easier to make, and so less impactful, which is sad.

So take some time today to remember the meme that’s the king of all memes.  Because after all, you have no chance to survive, make your time…

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Stumble XX – Return of the Wrong

Where to begin?  It’s been awhile since there have been equal parts amazing, awesome, memorizing, and just plain wrong in a single Stumble Bust.  This is a few months in the making, but I figure I might as well post it now.  I’m afraid that if I wait any longer I might mortally offend some people.

So without further ado, (if you’re reading this from an RSS feed that is), here are the latest wrong stumbles. (If you’re reading this on the actual home page, well then you gotta click something else, sorry).