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Super Mario And Then Some

There’s quite alot going on in this video. I have to say, it’s super well done, I bet it took them alot of time to get it all working. Then again, there’s not much else to do during quarantine, so making super ace videos of video games and stuff like this is a great way to pass the time.


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The Video ends when Mario Dies

Sadly over the last dozen years I’ve moved away from Nintendo games and products and gravitated towards Halo.  I still have a special place in my heart for the big N, but I just don’t have the time for their things anymore.  I’ve played Mario Maker, and watched my friends people play some of the other big games – Zelda, Mario Kart – but since The Wii, I haven’t had a new Nintendo System.  I think that’s sad, but I also know my limits, I don’t have the time anymore.

What is not sad however is watching people play these insane Mario Maker levels.  I can’t really remember any of the great ones I’ve watched over the years, most have been while doing other things and I haven’t paid attention.  I’m sure I could look through my YouTube history and find them, but who knows what else I would find.  Thanks to reddit though, you have the above short and sweet video.  You’re welcome.


awesome games internet nintendo video

Secrets of Super Mario 64

With the advent of emulators, and being able to mess around with the underlying game code we’re able to learn all sorts of new interesting stuff about games.  I also find it interesting that people spend the time to dissect the game to find these little inconsistencies.

One such person is YouTube user UncommentatedPannen, he’s uploaded dozens of videos detailing the little parts of Super Mario 64.  It’s super interesting all of the research and effort he spent analyzing the level and finding this slope that’s just slightly off to cause the coins to spawn wrong.

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People like make things Burn

Why anyone would design this type of level is beyond me.  But, according to Destructoid, it took 46 hours to beat it.  I’m not sure if that’s from the creator, or just some random twitch streamer.  Either way, that’s too long, stop being crazy.

awesome DIY games nintendo

Super Mario Blanket

Mario Blanket 1

After spending over 6 years, Kjetil Nordin has completed a crochet version of World 1 from Super Mario Bros. 3.  It’s pretty insane, it’s just about 7 foot by 6 foot in dimensions, and it’s pretty detailed.  It’s so detailed that when he noticed that the shade of blue he started the water with was wrong, he undid it all, adding an additional week to the process.  Now that is dedication.

I think it’s pretty cool, he obviously can’t sell it, but he can make a few more of them and start up the entire game if he wanted.  But at the current rate, according to reddit, it would take him between 45 and 130 years.  Hopefully he has some other day job.

Mario Blanket 2


awesome games internet nintendo video

Super Mario Maker is Crazy

I’ve never played the game, but I know enough about it to want to get a chance to play it.  Nintendo’s Super Mario Maker on the Wii U has some impressive user-created levels.  Granted, Nintendo themselves have made some pretty damn impossible levels, but these user-created ones are a step above.  They aren’t so much as levels, more of perfect frame by frame jumps and using the elements to your advantage.  They’re fun to watch though, which is why I embedded two videos here:


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How Gravity Works

In Super Mario Galaxy that is.  Not in real life.  In real life, Gravity is magic, end it there.  If you’ve never played Super Mario Galaxy, you should.  It really is one of the most fun games I’ve played in recent memory.  Nintendo really does know how to make an engaging game with tons of replay-ability.


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N64 Coffee Table

Ah Nintendo 64, a great system, I wouldn’t call it “the greatest”, I don’t know what system, if any should get that honor.  I do know that the N64 will be remembered as the breaker of friends.  Be it Mario Kart 64, Super Smash Bros. or Goldeneye 007, friendships where put to the test.  Three games that revolutionized their respective generas.

The logo itself was awesome, a three dimensional letter “N”, it just looked good, and classic, and will for a long time I would think too.


Reddit user Iam007sobeatthat is making an N64 logo coffee table.  It’s not unique, or even special, but it is cool.  The inside shading of the N is bothering me though, I hope it’s just this side of the N that’s messing me up, and if it were rotated 180°, we’d see some of the red on the side of the N.

Take a look at his Imgur album, where he has some more indepth photos of the process.

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Super Mario Snap

That was impressive.  Mostly because I find it hard to snap that many times in a row without messing things up.

{22 Words}

awesome DIY games internet nintendo photo the greatest

Mario Bathroom

Reddit user Kueeny created one of the best themed bathrooms I have ever seen.  Ok, not fair, it’s the only themed bathroom I’ve ever seen, but regardless, it’s pretty ace.

Game Over Towel

I love that towel.

warp pipe

That’s one warp pipe that you definitely do not want to go down.


On reddit she claims that she made the trash can out of paint and Jameson, and that she got some of the custom stuff like the decals, and soap dish from the internetz.  The one thing she doesn’t say is how long it all took.  But it doesn’t really look like too big of a bathroom, so it’s probably not that long.

For bonus points, I think she should hang some pictures from Super Mario 64 on her walls, that would finish the whole effect I think.

Here’s some more pictures.