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21 Stumbles on the wall

We welcome in the new year with the latest iteration of Stumbles.  This is number 21 (give or take), and this is year 2010, so let’s see where it takes us.  Alittle history:

  • 1 year ago today we were at only stumble 8, and now we’re up to 21, impressive!
  • Imagechan makes it’s triumphant return after a year away
  • This has a gif, a 4chan, a 3 memes and some advice

Hopefully there will be some awesome things in store for 201.  I’m already working on 3 or 4 posts that I think  are great.  And let’s not forget the conclusion to the exciting events of World War IIb.  So sit back, relax, and watch the wrongness fly

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Stumbles 20

No one cares about 19.  It’s such a silly number.  Even if it is prime, it’s silly.  Anyway, off for the 20th installment of the Stumbles series.  Got some good memes here, some good games, and some holiday cheer.  So be a good faith, and click the link below for some laughing good times.

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Hard water is Ice

Yes and no, and i don’t need any scientific reasons as to why I’m wrong/right.  Anyway, here are some awesome ice cube tray makers.

I know someone who would like this, I think.  Buy them, $8.99.

I think the name of this one is just great!  Not sure how well the fossils will stay together though.  Buy one $8.00

This is my favorite one.  I want that set, I would use it often.  Buy one $6.10.

This is a good one to pair with the AK-47 bullet ice cube tray.  You could make a ransom note out of Ice, and then shoot some with an ice bullet and leave no traces! Buy one $28.80.

There are a bunch of other cool Ice cube trays to take a look at them.  They have Tetris ones, which I’ve covered before, and LEGO ones, which I’ve covered before, among other cool ones.  Maybe you’ll find the perfect gift for someone! (Hint, I want the Gin & Titonic)

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My favorite flash game has a 3rd variation, Pandemic Extinction of Man.  Of all three versions of the game, I think this one is the most dumbed down.  Just look at this:

The world is split up into 10 sections, each has 10% of the world’s population, represented by the little people.

Green means healthy people, red means infected people, and black means dead people.  Of each of the 10 areas, you can spread the virus through, or attack airports, water, or the country’s attempt at a cure.  If the country is not infected, but shares borders with one that is, you can attempt to infect it with the “!” icon.  That’s the newest feature, controlling the virus itself, and not letting a random generator do it.  It lets you actually control which places you attack, which is nice.  And except for Greenland, and the South Pacific (Australia), all of Europe/Asia/Africa is reachable through land, you need a plane to get to the Americas, and you need a plane to get to Greenland and South Pacific.  And you can do whatever you want, for the low cost of 1 point each.

Look at that.  That’s all you get to control?!  No individual features of the virus like in Pandemic II, and no control of it’s transmission attributes like Pandemic.  That truly is dumb simple, and I don’t like it.

However, it’s one saving grace is that unlike Pandemic II, it is winnable.

Orange areas show infected countries, see, all of them are orange.

I choose f-11 because it was very governmenty.  I could have chosen Captain Trips, but I felt this virus didn’t deserve the honor and prestige that that name inspires in me, (yes inspires).

Unlike the other games, this one is probably the most realistic.  Because after 0% of the population dies, and 1% is infected, all the other countries start to develop a cure.  (Just like in real life, when one kid who may have swine flu, the entire school is shut down for 2 weeks for disinfection).  But that being said, I have been able to beat it repeatedly, unlike Pandemic II.

Fuck you Madagascar.

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Asteroid SU-XII

Stumbles XII comes at you like an asteroid from space.  It’s gonna start the stone age, and cause massive extinctions.  You can’t hide from this massive force of wrongness coming at you at 16,000 Gbps.  Everywhere you look you will see the gifs, no transforming teddy bear will save you, not even the mighty Motherland can stop it.  Asteroid SU-XII is about to hit home what are you gonna do to stop it?


Have some of this, and you will never need food again. {source}

Ouch, ouch, ouch, bastard, ouch. {source}

That is one terminator that will never make it into the movies {source}

If I were the one to eat white bread sandwiches and not like the crust, I would get these cutters {source}

It sucks to be that guy {source}

Wow, that lady, wow. {source}

I had to watch that twice because I didn’t catch it the first time, damn, that was some nice move! {source}

That’s the way to be, don’t lie, tell the truth, good luck to you good sir {source}

Space Dinosaurs are probably terrorizing, but they could probably survive SU-XII. {source}

I could watch that for minutes.  And yes, this dancing dion would survice SU-XII. {source}

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Don’t Breathe, you might get sick!

This is such a true comic.  I hate the way our society has become “There is a chance you could get cancer this product must be taken off the market!”  Little do you know that that chance is near 0%, and the case it’s based on is full of other variables that no one takes into account (kinda like the whole global warming issue huh?!).

If there’s one thing wrong with the way we live it’s in too much fear.  We fear the slight chance that one day we will get a cold, so we use bleach to clean every area of our house.  Sure it allows us to live in a germ free environment, but the minute we get some germ, our immune systems are so underdeveloped that we quickly go into a tailspin and end up in the hospital (which in effects reinforces our germophobic habits).  Now, don’t get me wrong, bleach is an awesome product, and useful for cleaning up blood evidence, lots of things, but you don’t have to go spray the door handle right before you touch it.

When did we forget to live life to the fullest, and instead live life in fear?  Why must every product we buy/sell be 100% chemical free, antibacterial, biodegradable, not tested on animals (or humans), and guaranteed to not harm ants?  Where are we going as a society like this?  Nowhere.

This is a major problem in the way American’s live.  Remember the 1950’s, we were king of the world.  Everything we did was exciting, and new.  Thing’s didn’t have a purpose, no one cared if their shampoo was tested on a monkey, as long as it didn’t make their hair fall out, they were fine with it, and kept buying it.  People traveled the world, got sick, and then got better.  They weren’t afraid of getting sick from something just because someone else got sick before them.

What has changed us?  Money.  Money has caused the media companies from moving to reporting real news, to whatever they think will get the most people to watch.  Not only that, but frivolous lawsuits have all but destroyed the legal system of this country.  What once was common sense, is now written law.  And if it’s not written down, then you don’t have to follow it, and if you get hurt, it’s not your fault, it’s the other people, because they didn’t tell you that when you pull the trigger of that gun, it shoots something that can really hurt you.

Change your habits, be more open minded, take chances, and stop caring if you might get sick from some minute particle that only appears when there’s a full moon, and you say the magic words.  If you live in fear of getting cancer I have news for you, just kill yourself now, because nothing you can do will prevent you from an act of nature.  Sure some things are more likely to cause cancer (radiation poisoning), but unlike the State of California, some things are useful to life, and make it worth living.

Live life, stop worrying, and have fun.

{Bunny Comic}

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Sharpie Wallpaper

Regular wallpaper is such a bitch to put up, and painting is so blah.  Plus, both are expensive.  Sharpies cost $5-10 and come in tons of colors.  Too bad using them requires some artistic talent, something Charlie Kratzer has that I do not.

One thing painting and wallpaper have over sharpies is that they take a weekend to do, this took longer.  However, sharpie requires no moving/covering of furniture in the room, just work around it.

It does remind me of what i want to do with my margin drawings, put them together on a grand scale on my wall!  Only they will be less artistic, more deathly, more stick-figurely, and made in pencil, oh well.


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LEGO you!

Well, for the small sum of $60,000 you can have a full sized LEGO version of you made!  Isn’t that great?

Personally, I would only want it if they just gave me the peices, and made me put it together myself, i mean, wheres the fun of LEGOs if you just get the finished product, that’s cheating.

{GeekSugar | Buy one}

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Snowflake Maker

I love interactive things like this.  Just alittle click of the mouse, and I have a beautiful work of art.  This time it’s some snowflakes.

As you can see I spent some time and had fun with it.  It took me 3 tries before I got a “typical” snowflake, at least in my mind.  The 3-D rotate function is cool, I just wish it would be still on 3-D, cause that would be cooler.  Also, it’s missing a clear button, but otherwise, its a fun way to kill some time on a dull day.

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Awsesome Vertical Ice

Well, not vertical, but, still pretty awesome.  You can make ice, and then store it in the maker, and take the ice out and put bottles of drinks in it to keep cool.  Very ingenious if i do say so myself.  There’s a neat video of it doing what it does over at Fusion Brands.  You can buy it for $16.00 too!