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Why aren’t you watching the MarbleLympics?

Event 9 just went live and if anything, these games have proven to be a shocker!  As much of a fan of real life curling I am, I couldn’t watch the Marblelympics version.  It was just too boring.  I’m sorry.

However, the other 8 events are quite engaging, you should skip around the playlist, watch at your leisure.  It’s quite fun!

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Blue Marble Machine

That was pretty neat.  Apparently, it took him 3 months to make that.  I can see why.  All the resetting, and rejiggering and accidentally bumping things.  It’s madness, but also pretty ace.

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The 2017 MarbleLympics

I stumbled on the qualification round for the 2017 MarbleLympics last night.  I proceeded to watch the first 4 events before I realized the time.  This morning I finished the entire games.  What a rush of excitement it was.  I won’t give many spoilers, except to say that there were plenty of upsets and new records set this year.

The production quality of this series is top notch, it looks professionally done.  The commentator – Greg Woods (F1FanWoodsie), does a superb job on the entire games, he has gotten very into each of the events and shows genuine enthusiasm for everything.  I like all of the little details added to the games – each marble has a name, each team has a history and the crowd is very into everything going on!

Replays, picture in picture, overviews of the standings.  Everything about this is amazing!  Each of the courses is very well thought out and unique.  Block pushing was fun, the sand race from the qualifier round was my favorite I think.  Fidget spinning was a long event, too long in my opinion, but still enjoyable to watch.  It’s almost more fun to watch then the real Olympics, and I love the Olympics!  I can’t wait to see what the 2018 games bring about.

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3D Printed Marble Machine

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Instructables user Jazzmyn has designed her own pieces for a marble machine.  They’re pretty basic parts, curves, switches, and Ys.  But they all connect together and in whatever way you want to combine them.  You can download the parts on Thingverse, but you will obviously need a 3D printer in order to build your own.

Here’s a video of the finished machine.  It’s pretty nice, but there is some room for improvement in future

{MAKE|Engineering With Jazz}

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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone.  I hope you have a great time, and I hope those of you with children set up something like this one day in your life.  There’s alot of thought that went into the track, using LEGO as the pillars is a great idea to keep track (pun intended), of the level needed.  You can tell this is a first design because there’s no style to the LEGO yet, it’s just slapped together.  That works, but for version 2, hopefully they get some consistency there.

And, if the wooden train track one wasn’t enough for you, here is a dedicated Marble Run type.  It’s even Christmas themed:

According to the lead engineer, it uses over 600 feet of track.  You can see some of the track boxes holding up part of the track itself.  This one doesn’t look as permanent, posts are precariously held up, and half perched over ledges.  It also takes up far too much of the house to be left up for any length of time.


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Marble Machine room

This kid officially has the coolest room ever.  A fullly customized kinetic marble sculpture that goes along the top of his room.  You can read the instructable if you want to make one for yourself.

Look at the track, isn’t it beautiful, the way he made the entire thing custom himself, out of stuff he mostly had laying around his house.

Look at that picture.  Are you done looking at it.  I don’t think you are.

That should be good.  But in case you’re not, click here.