3D Wooden Topographic Map of the US


redditor noahhl has spent in his estimate, 200 hours, building this scale model of the 50 States of America out of wood.  Did I mention it’s a topographic map?  Yea, he set up his CNC machine to cut out the mountains and valleys of the states.  The 50 states are represented by 15 different wood … Continued

Real Time Lightning


Everything happens in Real Time.  Just not everything is visible to humans in real time.  Especially when it spans the entry Country.  Luckily, this is where technology comes into play.  That and $200 of your own DIY money.  You can set up a simple system that will be used to detect lightning strikes across the … Continued

In Case You Get Lost


Lots of posts this month about getting lost, or mazes, and things like that.  It seems like April is just that kind of month doesn’t it? Did you know that there are giant concrete arrows all in a line across the country? In the early 1900s, air travel wasn’t what it is now (or even … Continued

Europeans Hate Each Other


Watch as 1000 years of European borders change (timelapse map) from Nick Mironenko on Vimeo. Europe prides itself with its multi-thousand year history.  They laugh at Americans when we say our neighborhood is old at 100 years, they have special rocks that can reliably be traced back a few thousand years.  However, they hate each … Continued

Read The Stumbles


Some came from Sumble, some came from Reddit, let’s just bask in the glory that are the wrong internet pics.  There’s quite a collection this time around, it takes longer to collect them because I don’t get to spend hours and days on Stumbleupon anymore, just an hour or so a week before I go … Continued

Google Road Trip


You know, that is a pretty perfect way to display just how impressive Google Street View actually is.   I kinda want to do that to a room now, I have the projectors, just not the wall space.  Also, I don’t think that it would work well with anything but Street view, and as much as … Continued

The King of Stumbles


Partly because of the first picture below, and partly because I am in love with Sara Bareilles’ song King of Anything which I am embedding below because I can. I think you will find that video excellent, and if you don’t whatever.  Anyway, below you will find the standard fare of awesome and wrong internet … Continued

Giant LEGO stuff


Some enterprising young lads have decided to make a relief map of Europe out of LEGOs.  This is awesome.  There’s tons of pictures after the jump because I want to keep the front page of the blog less then 100000000 pixles long, and keep the loading times down too.  So click the jump, or if … Continued



It’s been long overdue or something, but here is the latest in what could be a long awaited list of wrong stumbles around the internets.  As always its full of the usual memes, gifs, Nazis, 4chan, motivationals, and other general internet shenanigans.  I could write some more, but I am electing to just go ahead … Continued

Nuclear Attack


Ah what an awesome site (pun intended).  Here you can find maps that predict the fallout that each state can experience if a nuclear war were to happen today. As you can see, most sites of detonations are around major cities, so if you’re well outside a major city, you should be alright provided that … Continued