IRL Mario Kart


This week is a plethora of re-creating childhood memories in real life.  Next up is the classic game of Mario Kart.  Go Karting is nothing new, power ups are sorely lacking from the experience however.  Four students of Colorado State University’s mechatronics class, Alex Zenk, Katie Johnson, Floyd Bundrant, and Jacob Gover decided to make … Continued

Gunpowder Painting


Wyoming artist Danny Shervin uses gunpowder to make his art.  Yes, he does exactly what you are thinking, places each individual grain of gunpowder in a design, and lights it on fire.  I understand that hours are spent hand placing each grain, what I don’t understand is the prices he’s commanding for his art.  I guess … Continued

Musical Marble Machine


Musician/carpenter Martin Molin spent over a year making this kick ass marvelous musical marble machine.  Yes, the music you hear was performed by the movement of the marbles through machine itself.  OK, it’s true that some of the sounds were filtered and directly captured with microphones and sensors on the instruments instead of through the camera, … Continued

Hyper Detailed Model


It is well worth your time to watch the following 12 minutes of video.  You will be amazed at the level of detail you never thought possible on a plastic 1:48 scale model of the Focke-Wulf Fw-190 This was all done by Czech modler David Damek, actually, you should watch some of his other videos to … Continued

Stringy Time


German artist and maker Felix Vorreiter has created this pretty cool clock that uses encoded strings to display a digital readout of the time.  As you can see, the string passes through rollers to form 5 lines which when everything lines up, reads the time.  His clock advances the string in a traditional 1 second … Continued

Screwdriver Key Pt. 2


Remember a few years ago the screwdriver hack car key?  Remember all the steps involved?  Well, Paul Meyette has this dead simple way to make the same thing.  Watch this 5 minute video, if you liked that screwdriver, you’ll love the ingenious way he made his key. This still doesn’t address the microchips that are … Continued

FPV Drones


I’ve posted some First Person Drone video before, but did you know there’s an entire Aerial Sports League?  There is.  It looks pretty tame in this video, a basic race.  But this is America, if I know anything, there’s gotta be an EXTREME version of it somewhere, if not, it’s only a matter of time. … Continued

Smart Shoes? (Or useless shoes)


Not exactly smart, they actually make your phone less smart, and less distracting.  How we evolved to need a special shoe to take the place of self control I’ll never know.  The idea that In Good Company has come up with is to make a pair of shoes that pair to your smart phone and, through … Continued

Sitting on a bed of Rusty Nails


FinnCrafted took the 2nd R of recycling and made a shop stool out of some old rusted nuts and a bits of scrap metal.  The nuts weren’t as rusted as they looked after running a grinding brush over them.  The whole stool is pretty neat.  I don’t know enough about mechanical engineering anymore to know … Continued

The Wrench Knife


The Green Beetle proves that you can make a knife out of nearly any metal.  Above he makes a Mad Max inspired wrench knife.  That’s cool, personally, I like the steel wire knife below: This was individual pieces of metal that were forged together and welded together, and fused together.  I think that’s pretty neat. … Continued