Would you like a Kool Kandy Kane?


Candy Canes are a traditional Christmas delicacy.  And I use the word delicacy lightly.  It’s not exactly rare.  It is one of those things though that you really only see at one time of the year.  If you ever wondered how they are made, here are a series of videos curtesy of MAKE that show … Continued

Interactive Wooden Landscape


This is pretty neat, ETM: Exploration Through Motion is an interesting view of a once static asset.  A team of students from the Philadelphia University created this as their final project in Design 1.  Together, they took the Thomas Moran painting “Grand Canyon of the Colorado River”, and made a 3D laser cut map diorama … Continued

Modern Organs


Wendell Kapustiak built a modern Pipe Organ.  Modern in the sense that naturally, it’s computer controlled.  The air is supplied by a modified server cooling fan. The keys are played by an Arduino.  And the songs are chosen by a web interfaced run on a Rasberry Pi. It is pretty neat, I will give him … Continued

Ash’s House


Well, it looks like it anyway.  Instagram user Pixelized Creations made this really dang good representation of the generic house from Pokemon complete with a garden, and Ash battling Gary. What’s even better, and somewhat hard to tell from the above angled photo is that it’s a 3-D representation of the scene.  The monochrome colors … Continued

Circuit Board Art


Old circuit boards had a certain beauty to them.  All those delicate lines of silver solder connecting components together.  They had a two part purpose – you could actually repair something if necessary, and they looked pretty cool.  With the ever increasing levels of optimization we get smaller and smaller components and we loose this … Continued

Soothing Dominoes


There’s something about watching thousands of dominoes fall down in a choreographed way that is soothing.  I think it’s the dedication to the colors that gets me.  All that time spent getting the hues to line up, especially with the two-toned dominoes, so the setup side is one color, but when knocked down you get … Continued

New Moon


The above video shows a really neat interactive art installation made of welded steel, light bulbs, and LEDs.  The purpose is to allow people to see all the phases of the moon at once.  Turning the knob below the moon turns a mirror inside the light bulb moon which in turn changes the shadow effect … Continued

The Clock


Gislain Benoit hand soldered this beautiful three-dimensional working clock that doubles as a work of art.  Contained above are all of the analog components necessary for a working clock in what you would typically find contained inside of a microchip.  What’s more, telling of the time is done via measuring the phases of electricity from … Continued



This is the type of technology I want to see, fist-person view on a real life remote controlled car, not some lame thing on a track, 100% in your face, you control it, remote controlled car driving where ever you please at scaled speeds approaching 100mph.  This is the future my friends, where can I buy … Continued

DIY Bubblewrap Coasters


These epoxy coasters are pretty neat, even if the final product didn’t quite turn out how he wanted.  It’s actually something that anyone can make too.  Who doesn’t have lots of bubble wrap laying around?  I don’t have any epoxy though, I’d have to go to the store for that.  And, honestly, I wouldn’t use … Continued