Make a Coil Train


No doubt about it, electric trains are cool.  They are expensive though.  And you could get called “a nerd.”  But really, those people are just not cool, so there. Follow the simple 4 step instructable to make “The Simpliest Electric Train“.  Now, watch the video of it in action.  It’s quite cool.  Except the jumps, … Continued

Magnet Fishing


Did you know of this “sport”  I never heard of it until I stumbled upon this imgur album.  Basically, people attach a strong magnet to a rope and throw it into rivers and bodies of water hoping to find sunken treasure, or murder weapons, or un-exploded ordinance.  In reality, all they seem to find is … Continued

Magnetic Clock


Ferrofluid is a pretty neat substance.  Tiny, often magnetic microscopic particles are suspended in a liquid.  Then, using regular magnets, or electromagnets, you can control what they do.  It has many practical uses, but also the below artistic one (which also has a practical use as a clock). You can buy the said clock, but … Continued