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Winter Olympics of Yesteryear

1924 was the first dedicated Winter Olympics.  In previous games, some of the events were held in the summer games if the weather permitted it.

The games were held in Charmonix France, at the base of Mont Blanc, the tallest mountain in the Alps.  You can see the peaks in the background of some of the figure skating.  Impressive.  I wish they had some outdoor events at the current Olympics.

Fast forwarding 8 years, not much has changed.  Here is a video of The III Winter Olympic games (1932 Winter Olympics) from across the pond over in Lake Placid NY USA:

That bobsleigh looks damn right deadly.  It’s not covered, it’s just a sled.  However it doesn’t look nearly as fast as the current ones, or Luge for that matter.

Ski jumping also looks dated.  Bare snow to go down instead of a nice track to keep you straight.  Still looks easy, toobad it’s probably one of the more scary events, at least if you’re afraid of heights that is.

WTF is that stilts figure skating thing though.  That looks dangerous, but also impressive in it’s own right.

One thing that you’ll notice about these games, (and that I pointed out above) is the outdoor events.  It just makes everything look more fun, and more spur of the moment.  I’m not talking about the bobsleigh, more of hockey, or figure skating, or speed skating.

Now figure skating probably shouldn’t be contested outdoors, it would be dangerous, and unfair because of the sun glare.  But I think that speed skating could benefit from one event outdoors.  Take like the 1,000m, or 5,000m event, and double it but make it an out door race.  That would be so cool.  I’d watch that.  Especially if it were snowing out.  Yea, that’d be sick.

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