Chicago -> Alaska


redditor AKStafford  decided to take a video of his drive from Chicago Illinois to Anchorage Alaska.  Yes, it’s a 3,500 mile drive.  Don’t worry it’s sped up 125x.  According to the description, it was taken across the course of 6 days. You might remember a few years ago I drove from Chicago Illinois to Rapid … Continued

Google Photo Photomosaic


That is a full blown actual size Photo Mosaic.  I love Photo Mosaics  I make them all the time.  I’ve made famous people. My mosaics though, are small computer sized (although, I have printed a few out, and they are pretty nice). Google’s though is made of actual 4×6 photographs.  Much more awesomeer.  In total … Continued

The Street Sweeper


Ever wonder what it’s like driving a Street Sweeper?  Probably boring, crappy job right?  Well, take a walk in Bruiser’s shoes and you will find that, its awesome!  Now, it is a long read, 80 pages, but it is so worth it.  Plus I embedded it here for your reading pleasure you lazy person you.  … Continued