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Bears Maul defenseless fish. LIVE!!

I may or may not be in Katmai National Park right now.  The physical location I will be in will be determined this week, and I have no way of really updating you as it’s a pain to do anything on my phone.  So be content and just watch this live feed of Bears feeding at Brooks Falls.  These are all courtesy of

If you want, you can see more bears prancing around eating fish on this feed too:

This is similar to the live feed of Old Faithful that I posted about a few years ago.  Except, you could have actually seen me on that feed.  Hopefully I will not show up on the above videos.  Bad things would happen if that were the case.


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Join the Puff Club


The internet never ceases to amaze me.  No, there’s nothing perverse about this club, it’s really quite simple actually.  It’s a live stream of a box with a balloon in it that real people can inflate, 1 puff at a time.  Until the balloon hits the knife off to the left side of the box that is.  The the balloon pops and after some time, the whole process starts over again.

The levels get progressively harder or something, taking more puffs, or more people to inflate the balloon.  It’s interesting, but they should have a directional microphone on that camera, I don’t need to hear what’s going on in the background of the basement they’re doing this in.

Play along at the