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Guitair Table

Here’s a custom guitar table.  It looks nice, and can be added to the gallery of awesome custom coffee tables, but seeing as I’m not much of a musician, I wouldn’t get this table.  The table costs $750, which isn’t bad considering how much  mine was, and it looks nice, from the photos, it’s clear that these people make well crafted products.

{Fender Custom Furniture}

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Ice Ribbons

These are pretty darned cool if i do say so myself.  I wish I could see those around my house, but alas, they do not form here, or, at least my prying eyes have not seen them.

As you can see they are formed when water is prutruded out of small openenings in pipe like containers.  Kinda cool, kinda awesome, kinda not like ice at all.

A couple more pictures, more links, more information, and more cool stuff over here.

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The Death Star Rises

For the most part, this is a pretty nicely done CGI video of what it would look like if The Death Star were built in orbit around San Francisco.

{source |}

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DIY arm Flamethrower

This is one of the coolest DIY things I have ever seen someone make. Also, it’s probably the most dangerous one too. So, i’d pay him to make me one instead of trying to make my own, because i like having my arms/hands, they come in usefull for all sorts of things.

It does look like Pryo from X-Men though:

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Some more awesome Bookshelves

Wow, is it a bookshelf week or what?  first there’s the staircase bookshelf, and then the math formula bookshelf, now here is a collection of 30 creative bookshelves (interesting that the staircase one isn’t on the list, but it is on the 2nd comment).

While the Shelf shelf isn’t very usefull for storing lots of stuff, it is pretty different.

The ceiling bookshelf on the other hand is very usefull, since most ceilings aren’t being used for much of anything, i would totally add this to my house.

I like this one too, fully customizable, fully awesome, look at the shirt hanging there also!

This is really only usefull if you have alot of books, i do not have enough books to make an entire wall for them, but it looks pretty!