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Invisible Graffiti

Peregrine Church is a Seattle artist that uses a special type of spray to make temporary art installations on sidewalks.  The catch is that they are only visible after it rains.  The concept is simple, it’s basically a reverse stencil, and according to the DOT, it’s legal, so take some time and admire the sidewalks.  It is raining by me, but I don’t do enough walking outside to notice anything like this.


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RC Plane F(l)ight.

This video is the most awesome thing I have ever seen.  Pasqualy had himself an awesome 4th of July.  He modified a cheap EasyStar RC plane with a wireless video camera, and some model rockets/fireworks attached to the undersides of the wings to have the most fun ever.

I simply cannot explain just how awesome this whole thing seems.  I want to do it, I’m looking at prices for all of this, and I think I can get it down to under $200.  And my friend suggested we get a second plane in on it and dogfight, that would be fucking awesome.  I need to do this, more so that I have needed to do anything I’ve said in the past on this blog.

Watch the video, read about his other experiments, and just be awed at the awesomeness that he has achieved and you have not. {Hacked Gadgets}