Computer Control Panel


Have you ever wanted a borderline useless master control panel for your computer?  You know, something that looks like the controls from Star Trek, or Star Wars.  Well, reddit user smashcuts has built his own.  Why, because he wanted to, that’s why. If you ever wanted to hang something very heavy that served almost no … Continued



Imgur user baconeverywhere2 has created a LEGO Lamp.  It’s more of a LEGO Obelisk with some LED strips inside it than what you would consider a traditional lamp.  It measures just over a yard tall (37.5 inches to be exact), and uses a mind-boggleing 25,000 bricks.  That’s too many. It looks cool, and all the … Continued

The Paper Falcon


Modler Bernard Szukiel has spent 4 painstaking years building this 38″ long model of the YT-1300 light freighter, more commonly known as The Millennium Falcon. This incredibly detailed model is completely made of paper.  Tiny pieces of paper painstakingly cut, painted, and glued together to form this magnificent ship.  He didn’t just stick to the outside … Continued

LED Perspective


That’s a pretty cool lamp there.  Would it surprise you to know that it’s only 5mm thick?  That’s the wounder of perspective magic, this time using LEDs, instead of paper, and with clear acrylic, just like that Awesome Door. Here’s the Kickstarter, which has already achieved it’s $20,000 goal and then some. This one is … Continued

Empire State Building LEDs


So, apparently the Empire State Building upgraded the lights on their roof to be LEDs.  I have to say, that was an excellent choice.  I’ve always accepted the 3 different colors as simple fact and never requested more, usually when you do that complicates things.  But now that I’ve seen this I have to say … Continued

Annual Christmas Awesomeness


Unlike my other annual posts, which have a set date, this one gets posted whenever I feel like it between December 01, and December 23.  Today is December 13, and I like the number 13, and I’ve been watching Christmas light videos. I was gonna make this a really long post with a whole bunch … Continued

LED Christmas Light display


I have strict rules regarding Christmas Lights – They are not to be turned on until the Day after Thanksgiving. They can remain lit up at night until January 07, the day after the Epiphany. In the time frame, they should be lit up from sundown until midnight at the latest, which in most parts … Continued

LED Chandelier, Do I want one? Yes.


I love LEDs, love them to death, when I get my own home, all the lights will be LEDs, not only because they are energy efficient, and last forever, but because i love them.  I definitely want one of these chandeliers for my dining room.  Not one so massive, 7000lbs, 17ft tall, but one made … Continued