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LED Apple sign

LED apple 1 LED apple 2

So, just like the LED Plexiglas heart I made for valentines day, I made another LED Plexiglas thing, this one however, was for me.  I also made it a little bigger, and by a little, I mean it’s 8″ x 10″, where as the heart was only 5″x4″.  Oh well, I like it.  Also, unlike the heart, this one is powered by USB, and has a slick aluminum base and frame.  I figured, let’s make it really Apple like, and brushed aluminum was the way to go.

LED apple base

LED apple base 2

I made the etching pretty much the same way, and all, and I think it came out really, really nice.

We have pretty much perfected the method to make these, and if anyone is interested in them, please, send us an email: Right now we can do simple designs, with one or two different colors of LEDs, but as we fine tune the process more, and get more experience, we will be able to do complex designs, with as many colors as you want!

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LED Fireplace

As a rule, I do not approve of fake fireplaces, that includes gas ones. They defeat the purpose of fireplaces, to provide warmth, and a beauty to look at.

This LED fireplace however could be the exception to the rule. It’s a known fact that LEDs make things better, and if you add in the optional 2kW heater, they it really does provide warmth. Too bad it’s $3,100, that’s alot. But it really does look beautiful…


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DIY LED Plexiglass Heart

LED heart

So, ever since I saw The Awesome Door, from a month or so ago, I wanted to make one of my own, I decided I would practice on something a little smaller scale, like a framed heart for a special someone for Valentines Day.

It actually wasn’t very hard to make, and since the popularity of the door was so high, I’m considering making some more of these for people. If you’re interested, send an email to:

If you want to make your own, or see how I made mine, click below

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LED Floaties

I will never understand the things that people think when they make these things. Sure they are pretty, but to me they are a waste of valuable natural resources, LEDs. But, either way, i would make one or two of those one day, but keep them inside, no need to loose those LEDs, they’re insanely useful for just about everything ever.

{MAKE Instructables }

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My Interactive LED Table

LED table

A few months ago I saw this Interactive LED Table on a bunch of blogs and instantly knew I must have my own. I contacted the people over at Evil Mad Scientist about their kits, and put in my order. That was in October, and I have been slowly building my table since then.

Monday, the electronic parts to my table came in the mail, I was thrilled, and since then, I have been assembling it. It looks pretty as you can tell from the above image. You can skip the whole walk through process and view the final table here. Or after the click you can get the whole step by step process it took to build it:

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The Best Door Ever

That door is awesome. Period. End of sentence, awesome. Completely custom made by this guy, it’s two peices of glass etched with the sword on one, and the dragon on the other, then 120 LEDs on the edges sending the light through the glass.

It is a work of art that I really, really, really want to put in my house. Only I’d make my own design. Either way, it’s awesome, and I love it.

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note to stumblers (and everyone), there is clearly a link to the original at the top of the article, and this falls under the “a stumble” category as is…

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LED hourglass

This is pretty cool, i hope the makers of this post some how-to instructions so that i can make my own.  Only, i’ll be using blue LEDs, cause blue is better…