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LEGO Lamp 1

Brian Slevin of Brickablocks has put together this nice set of directions to build your own spherical LEGO Lamp.  Wiring, bulb, Lamp Shade, and LEGO bricks not included of course.

The Instructions (available for free in PDF form), call for just about 400 individual pieces of different size and type.  Color doesn’t matter, that’s up to you.  I kind of like the blue lamp he made, but I think the more artistic people among the world could design some cool patterns into the lamp.  Overall, it doesn’t look too difficult to build, especially with the instructions provided.  I don’t have all the required pieces, and I don’t have room for a lamp, and I have just a bit too many other things to work on, but, if you’re interested, hit him up for those instructions, and then let me know so I can see what a wild finished product looks like!

Building LEGO Lamp


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Paintable LED Wall

2,800 LEDs, individually accessible, RGB LEDs to be exact.  This wall allows users to use special paint brushes to paint each individual LED pixel.  It’s alittle crazy though, especially looking at the back of it.

The wall is made up of individual RGB tea lights that can be programmed different colors based on the feedback from an IR sensor.  Jared Ficklin thought it would be cool to turn take those IR sensors, and embed them into paint brushes so that users would have get to apply the colors directly to the wall.  I think it’s a neat idea, but you really need to step back to fully appreciate the low resolution display.

Here’s the back of the wall:

back of the LED wall


led photo video

Lighted Half-Dome

In order to raise awareness of themselves, and all the work they do, the American Safe Climbing Association, ASCA, climbed Yosemite’s Half-Dome at night and installed 39 solar-powered LED lanterns to trace their way up.  This was done to make the group known, and to let people know of their work, which mainly consists of replacing bolts on popular climbs.  They’ve replaced over 14,000 bolts over the last 18 years, that’s alot.  The awareness stunt worked, because I have A. never heard of them, B. never knew this was that big of a deal.  But, I’m not a mountain climber, so it’s not surprising to me.

Now, before you get all excited, these lights were only temporary.  The group removed them as they climbed back down.  On the reddit thread about it there’s a long discussion about that aspect.  I tend to agree with the unpopular post, I think this sets a dangerous precedence for future publicity stunts on our Nation’s National Parks.  Hopefully clear heads will prevail and Exxon-Mobile won’t be able to buy advertising space on the sides of mountains, not until they buy them outright that is.


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Tetris Lights

It’s been far too long since I’ve posted something regarding Tetris.  That ends right now.  Online shopping website, vat19 has an officially licensed Tetris light set for $40.  You can skip the first 30 seconds or so of the below video, it’s not necessary.  What is cool though is the way it works.  The power of low-voltage electricity allows the metal edges to conduct the power so that you can endlessly re-arrange the pieces in countless different ways.  No word though on if all the lights turn off if you create a perfect rectangle. {imgur}

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Playable Tetris T-Shirt

It’s been quite awhile since I’ve featured a Tetris post.  I don’t know if that’s because there has been a lull in the game, or if I just haven’t seen any new appreciations towards it.  Oh well, that time is up now.  Mark Kerger has made a playable Tetris t-shirt using one of our favorite building materials, LEDs, and an Arduino unit.  It’s pretty cool, but I gotta say, the video demonstration he has is boring as hell.  Put the Tetris theme in there, here, I’m embedding it below too, now it’s stuck in your head.

You’re welcome.


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LED Perspective


That’s a pretty cool lamp there.  Would it surprise you to know that it’s only 5mm thick?  That’s the wounder of perspective magic, this time using LEDs, instead of paper, and with clear acrylic, just like that Awesome Door.

Here’s the Kickstarter, which has already achieved it’s $20,000 goal and then some.

This one is harder to see the 3-D effect, but it’s still pretty neat:

3D Mountain

{My Modern Met}

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LED Log Things



This is a pretty ingenious way to use unusable pieces of wood.  Be it splits, or cracks, or just mishappen pieces that you can’t mill.  Instead of burning them (which is what I would do), Italian designer Marco Stefanelli decided to fill the voids with resin that has LEDs encased in them.  I gotta say, that’s nice.  Especially the soft white color, instead of the cool-blue white of normal white LEDs.

I have a few pieces of wood that I was drying that cracked pretty bad.  I think I’m going to try this on them.

wood lamp 2

{This is Collossal}

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Empire State Building LEDs

So, apparently the Empire State Building upgraded the lights on their roof to be LEDs.  I have to say, that was an excellent choice.  I’ve always accepted the 3 different colors as simple fact and never requested more, usually when you do that complicates things.  But now that I’ve seen this I have to say that that was a very well made choice.

Hopefully things wont get too crazy later on, and it won’t be a different display every night, or week, or month, or whatever.  I like the simplicity of thing, no need to go crazy.  And if all

muscle building diet

else fails, red, white, & blue will never go out of style.

Also, since it’s all high tec, and LED and whatnot, I bet it’s computer controlled, and if it’s computer controlled, I bet it’s connected to the internet somewhere, and, if it’s connected to the internet, then it’s hackable.  How long before you think it gets hacked to display something unapproved?

I give it 6 months.


K’nex Ball Machine

40,000 peices of K’nex, 8 months of work, 450 feet of track, 5 lifts, custom computer controlled crane.  That is some serious dedication there, serious.

As I was watching this I wished for 2 things.  One, to hear what it sounds like without the nice piano music playing over paxil alternatives it.  Often times these ball machines are extremely loud, and overpowering.

Then I saw the LEDs on certain parts of it, mainly the spinning funnel part, and the crane.  He also has some LED balls.  So at first i wanted to see it at night in the dark, but then I figured that the duh, it’s dark you won’t see much of anything .  But I forgot 2 things, one, how bright LEDs are, two, he had LED balls, and the shadows that turn up because of the spinning of the balls was awesome.  Really something great.


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DDR Tetris

It’s been awhile since I posted about Tetris, granted, not much can change in a 26 year old game.  There’s only so many times you can see it on the side of a building before it gets repettitive.  This however is a new way to play Tetirs.

What’s more, the people who made it, some smart people at MIT, made 2 of them, and made them multiplayer.

Now I’ll be the first to admit that there is almost no way to make versus Tetris enjoyable, either to play or to watch.  And, I won’t say that this was fun to watch, because the guy on the right was absolutely horrible at it.  I don’t know if I want to give him the benefit of the doubt and saying he lost on purpose to the girl, (which is acceptable), but the way he played is just not acceptable.  You can let some one win, and you can just utterly suck at something, I’m afraid that that guy falls into the latter.