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Traveling in America II

This is not quite the same as the Colburn Idiots, but it’s still quite funny.  This Irish father went on vacation to Las Vegas and borrowed his son’s GoPro camera and a selfie stick with the intention of documenting the trip and showing everyone what’s going on.  Well, he had the camera pointed on himself the whole time, but he thought it was pointed out.  What follows is 4 minutes of edited together footage of this man talking about the cool, interesting sights, that only he can see.  Fun though, I bet they all got a kick out of it!

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The Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon

It’s that time of year again, vacation time.  Specifically, The Grand Canyon, more specifically, rafting down it.  Yes, I’ve been to both Rims, and now I am going to be rafting down the canyon for 3 days.  It is most likely going to be some of the funnest times I’ve ever had.  In addition to this rafting trip, I will also be making sequel visits to Bryce & Zion National Parks.  It’s kind of annoying that I’ll be there durring the same exact time of the year as my first trip, but hey, I will never pass up a trip to a National Park.

This is a shorter trip then usual for me, but still, expect the same limited posting capabilities while in Vacation mode.  Unless chris takes over that is.  But I don’t think that will happen.

See you next week sometime.