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Pipe Lamp

finished lamp

Instructables user Matt2 Silver has a really awesome DIY aged bubbling pipe lamp.  He did a fantastic job on the whole thing, I thought it was a real copper pipe from the initial photo and video, but it’s really PVC.  The small touches of mixed white and green paint for oxidation are really nice.  The hammered paint applied to the PVC looks really realistic.  I approve of this project.

In case you can’t figure out how it works, here’s a schematic of it:


I really like it, it’s pretty simple and unique.  A kid would love it probably.  I think it would be a great project to do with a child so they have a unique conversation piece for their friends.

Here you can see him measuring the threaded rods that connect the top.  I know why he choose a clear bottle, this way he could change the water color at a later date.  Personally, I think green looks best, so why not skip a step and use a green wine bottle.

Glass bottle


computer DIY LEGO


LEGO Lamp 1

Brian Slevin of Brickablocks has put together this nice set of directions to build your own spherical LEGO Lamp.  Wiring, bulb, Lamp Shade, and LEGO bricks not included of course.

The Instructions (available for free in PDF form), call for just about 400 individual pieces of different size and type.  Color doesn’t matter, that’s up to you.  I kind of like the blue lamp he made, but I think the more artistic people among the world could design some cool patterns into the lamp.  Overall, it doesn’t look too difficult to build, especially with the instructions provided.  I don’t have all the required pieces, and I don’t have room for a lamp, and I have just a bit too many other things to work on, but, if you’re interested, hit him up for those instructions, and then let me know so I can see what a wild finished product looks like!

Building LEGO Lamp


awesome Deadly Computer DIY photo the greatest

Action Figure Lamp

Action Figure Lamp final

Remember the Star Wars lamp from earlier this month?  Well, here’s a general Action Figure Lamp.  Well, Jessy, of Making Jiggy, has made her own similar lamp, but this time, out of regular Action Figures.  Jessy has decided to put together an instructable on the whole process.  It clocks in at 8 steps long, but again, it’s not too difficult, the hardest part is deciding what action figures to sacrifice for this noble lamp.

Action Figure Lamp Raw

There’s a few things to take into account when making this type of lamp, mainly the types of plastic the action figures are made of, but with some careful planning, and checking, you should be able to secure everything.  I have to say though, I don’t like the raw version with all the colors, it’s far too busy.  Spray painting it Gold really works for it.

Here’s a close up of the top area, with the light on:

lamp closeup

awesome DIY internet movie photo

May the 4th Be with You

Jedi Jaws Lamp

The above lamp was made by redditor marveldeadpool.  Yes, they made it themselves.  It’s pretty rad if I do say so myself.  He said it was Spielberg vs. Lucas, but it’s only Jaws vs. Star Wars.  He should have totally added E.T., or a Raptor.  I mean, there are 2 things representing Lucas.  But, alas, now there are choices for his second version of the lamp.

Here’s a view of the back of the lamp, with Millennium Falcon cursing around the edge that I mentioned before.


Check out the full imgur album.  Yes it’s tacky, but it’s also rad, he sells some of his art on his Etsy page, but not the lamp it looks like.  Check out that art on his website.