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Hot Wheels POV

Anyone who grew up with Hot Wheels and/or Matchbox Cars knows the insane tracks that would be put together for them.  I know I made crazy things to run the cars around.  With the advent of the internet, and the ability to bulk order track, people make giant fun things for their kids.  What’s even cooler though is that the GoPro Hero Session4 is small enough to attach to a car and send down the track with minimal interference!

I really like the editing done between tracks.  It took me a moment to realize it was an edit and not just one long track.  That was pretty clever in how they set the tracks up.  The underwater bit is something cool too.  Apparently it took them a few shots to get the underwater part correct, but it works, and it’s pretty ace.

Now I want to do something like this too…

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awesome DIY video

Backyard Rollercoaster

That’s a nice starter rollercoaster.  But the dad is gonna get tired of pushing the kid up the track sooner rather then later.  So eventually he’s gonna add a a lift to it.  Then the kid is gonna get tired of the single drop and big circle of it.  So he’s gonna request some crazyness.

Hopefully the kid plays RollerCoaster Tycoon, and has an imagination.  Cause then there will be a super coaster that’s designed.  But knowing the mom, she probably won’t allow it, so it will forever stay in the kid’s memory.


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Tetris Connect 4?

I have no idea how this game ever came into being.  I can imagine the board room discussion.

“Hey, you know, my kids love Tetris, and when they were younger, they loved Connect 4.  We should combine the two to create something monstrous!”

“Johnson that’s a great idea!”

Oh well, it didn’t last long, as it’s currently discontinued, but like the Technabob says, ebay is the place to go, for only $5 how can you go wrong?!

Made by Radica Games

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My favorite meme is LOLcats, and while these two videos don’t really fulfill the LOLcat specifications, they are kittens, and they are awesome, so here you go:

That kitten was cool, but this little girl is amazing!

That little girl was awesome, amazing, cute times 1000, and a wonderful voice for the kittens.

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There’s a Monster Under My Bed

Everyone thought that when they were little right?  Well, the site i used to believe has a collection of user submitted childhood beliefs about everything!

I don’t mean to be mean about it, but, some of them are good for a good laugh, and others you can relate too.  Even add your own.  Definitely a good site togo to on a boring Thursday monring like today…