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Visit Jurassic World

If you haven’t heard already, Jurassic World made boat loads of money last weekend, $500,000,000 worldwide, $200,000,000 just in America.  That’s the fastest a movie has climbed to the half a billion mark.  I just saw this movie, and the 15 screen theater had 6 showings of Jurassic World.  The one I was in was packed.  I can’t remember the last non-opening weekend film I saw that was packed.  Additionally, the film was just frigging good.  It had the right blend of action and story, with the perfect amount of nostalgia mixed in.  I don’t want to ruin anything, just go watch it.  In case you needed motivation, here’s The Piano Guys covering the theme to Jurassic World.  It takes parts of John Williams’ iconic (one of many), theme song, which, by the way is also played durring Jurassic World.

Here’s another one too, cause I’m feeling Generous:

By the way, did you know that the original Theme song climbed to #1 this week on the Billboard’s Classic Digital Songs list.  Yea, it’s a relatively weak list, not something you’d heard on the regular radio, but still mighty impressive.

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Jurassic Park Review

Tomorrow the most anticipated sequal of the year comes out.  No, Star Wars isn’t coming out 6 months early, (and let’s be honest, JJ is probably gonna mess it up, trust me).  No, I mean Jurassic World.  The original film is a classic, and it’s good to finally see John Hammond’s vision coming through, it’s such a shame that he’s not alive to see it come to fruition though.

Any Hootie and The Blowfish, to get you in psyched to see this film, reddit user dylanraven’s daughter gives a review of the original Jurassic Park.  It’s quite good, (the film, and the review), and it’s only 5 minutes long, so just watch it already.

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Jurassic Park Fridge

Jurassic Park Games 1

This auction may have just ended, (which is interesting, because it says it ends on June 22, 2015, which is in the future from today) but I’m sure you can contact the winning bidder and try and get some of these cartridges, afterall, what are they going to do with them?

To answer your first question, yes, that is a refrigerator full of Jurassic Park Super Nintendo game cartridges.  But, not only that, there are also some GameBoy games, and various Sega generation games.  There is also a half empty bottle of Rum.  That is not for sale, neither is the firdge, only the games, which number about 300, and have been being collected for about 3 years now.

The seller answers the question of why the best:

There have been a number of questions regarding this posting, and they all tend to revolve around the question “Why?”, besides the members who are punny and saying its cool in the fridge and one fellow telling me he loved me, which I responded telling him that I loved him as well. Regardless, the question of “Why?” is a very legitimate question in almost every way, so I will answer it here and post it on the eBay listing. Why do I have sooo many Jurassic park carts for the Super Nintendo? – Because it’s fun. Because I have fun collecting them and posting random pictures of them in my bathtub or in my fridge.

When I take a look at collecting and ask myself why I collect old video games, I come to the conclusion that the reason we collect at all is because we have fun doing it. Most people try and collect every title for a particular system, or if you want to go hard, multiple systems. And that’s great, if thats what they have fun doing, more power to them. Personally, I got bored collecting with the intention of going for a complete library for a certain system. I wanted to do something different.

Why did this happen (How did it get to this point)? – In 2012 I had an opportunity to buy out a portion of a game store. It was there in the basement of this old store that I had the opportunity to purchase a number of Jurassic Park carts i.e. 120ish. I said, “why not, that could be fun”. I posted the haul on NintendoAge, and goodness, did things escalate quick. Soon I had 200, then 250, and now right around 300. I traded people for them, did some auctions where members bid using jurassic park games as currency, and some kind guys and gals even donated to the cause.

Why sell them now? – There is no reason per say as to why sell them now. I have had a lot of fun with them, and this is an opportunity for me to share the fun I’ve had. It’s also an opportunity for me to possibly pass the torch so another can share the fun and maybe add to it. If any soul dares that is!

Jurassic Park Games up close

This isn’t the first time Jurassic Park has been represented on eBay.  Remember last year the R/V from The Lost World: Jurassic Park was put up on eBay for $15k.


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Jurassic World

I’m torn over this trailer.  I don’t know what I should be expecting, but the thought of man-made hybrid dinosaurs just doesn’t sit right.  I guess they needed something different from the regular man-made hybrid-frog dinosaurs, but it still seems weird.

I do like the trailer though.  It has a very Spielberg feel too it by not reveling the big bad dion at all.  And the subtle theme playing in the background, that was cool.  The beginning of the trailer, (and the movie I assume) looks great.  John Hammond’s vision has finally come true, it’s a shame he won’t be able to have even a cameo in the film.  The one redeeming factor is that it just has to be better than Jurassic Park 3, which shouldn’t be too hard.

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The Lost World RV

eBay really is an amazing place, for only $15 grand, you could have had the original RV from The Lost World: Jurassic Park.  Well someone did, and now that someone is restoring it to useful worthness.  Which means tearing it all apart, and fixing the wood, making it weatherproof, and in general, making it work.

I gotta say though, for $15k that is a pretty good deal.  I’m not sure how much he’s paying the guys to restore the thing, but it’s probably worth it, for sure.  It’s too bad they’re making it into a reality type show, I’d rather just watch a few 10 minute episodes with none of the unnecessary “drama”


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Jurassic Park Theme

Did you know that someone on the internet wrote words to the Jurassic Park theme song?  I didn’t but apparently it’s all the rage on the interwebs.  Jeff Goldblum has taught us the lyrics to the song below:

Well, only one phrase of those lyrics, here’s a set of lyrics in full.  No where is the lyrics he said.  And he claimed that you could watch those lyrics over 200 times on the internet.  I don’t know where he’s looking, but I didn’t find anything except the below video.  Maybe I didn’t look hard enough, but there’s already far too many videos in this post, so this is what you get.

It’s not really that great.  But then again, h0w many things on the internet are great?  Not this site, that’s for damn sure.  It has a Weird Al like theme to it, except it’s alittle too Shatner.  I bet if Weird Al covered it, it would be pretty ace.  But then you remember that he already did a Jurassic Park song, and it was pretty ace as it was:

Now, because I haven’t put enough videos into this post, here is the official theme, courtesy of Mr. John Williams:


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Robot Raptor

Seriously scientists.  what makes you think this is a good idea?  A robotic raptor that can dun at almost 30mph?  Does anyone remember Jurassic Park.  Remember Terminator?  Combine those two films together and you get what could happen to earth, (and what is happening in some twisted alternate reality)

xkcd remembers:

You're probably thinking, 'has it been a decade?'  It's been over thirteen years, buddy.

In the years since that comic was published, the world seems to have forgotten just how dangerous Velociraptors can be.  Sure, scientists tried to paint them in a better light, claimed that the way they were portrayed in Jurassic Park was no where near what they would be in real life.  Well let me question you this Dr. Ross Geller, have you met a live Velociraptor?  Because until you do you can only guess what they might have looked like and acted.  And to be 111% honest with you, I will believe Steven Spielberg’s version of them more then yours.

So please scientists, for the 2nd time this year already, stop this madness.  Stop these hairbrained plots.  Nothing good cam come of them.


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Custom Jurassic Park Car

Finished Car
Jurassic Park Car

It must be because of the 20th anniversary of Jurassic Park, but I’ve been seeing lots of Jurassic Park themed photos, and posts, and stuff lately.  This project takes the raptor shaped cake.

These 2 people turned a 33 year old Suburu into an ace looking Jurassic Park Jeep replica, Here’s what the car looked like when they started:

Pretty ugly...
ugly car

Nothing to stare at, certainly ain’t gonna get any looks.

cleaning & painting
cleaning, and painting

It’s getting better, gotta scrub all the grime off it, and start with the base coat.

Marking the sides
Marking the sides

Getting the Red accent marks along the sides.

Outlining the Logo
Outlining the Logo

Hand outlining the logo, cause it’s just easier that way.  They also hand drew the Dino skeleton logo on the hood, and sides of the car, it’s just too detailed to do it otherwise.

All in all they did a pretty amazing job on it.

I’d like to say that they spared no expense, but It looks like they used spray paint, could have gone for electro-coating that shit, but hey, it’s a 33 year old car, it probably wouldn’t last long enough.

Take alook at the rest of their album, 43 photos in all, they really went all out on the process.


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Jurassic Park Posters

That is the original theatrical poster for the film Jurassic Park.  It’s simple, classic really, perhaps one of the greatest film posters ever made.  There’s not much to it:

  • Film Name – check
  • Tagline – check
  • Some way to ascertain what the film might be about – check
  • Famous person in/director – check

The Short List (besides having a fucking terrible site to navigate (I already accidentally clicked on your FULL SITE MEN IN BLACK III ad, please let me read the article now)), put together a list of a bunch of alternative views of that iconic poster.

I’ll save you some trouble of going to that site and trying to read anything, and tell you that they are all minimalist, “retro”, modern, bull shit versions of that iconic poster.

Perhaps it’s because most all of them make heavy use of vector art, which I absolutely hate.  It just looks too clean, too perfect, to unnatural.  Vector art has it’s uses, when it’s done correctly it looks (and more importantly scales) great.  But most all the vector artwork I’ve ever seen by people online is crap, and 2 of the following 3 posters fall into that category:

I picked a few that I thought were worth a closer look, I’ll start in no particular order with This one means nothing.

Go through the original check list I had above, this fulfills two things, and that’s it.  Yes, I’ll give you that it’s a pretty clever design, but it’s only clever to someone who’s seen the film.  The point of a movie poster is to get people interested in a film they have yet to see.  The above poster, not interested at all.

This one is the closest to the original poster, and perhaps why I like it best.  In fact, of all the ones they choose, this is the most true to the original, and the least retro.  There’s no perfect vector lines, it’s dirty, and choppy, and let’s you know that this isn’t going to be a clean kids movie.  Granted, it could very well be all done in vector, but the artist spent time to make it look good, he “aged” it so to speak.  It’s a good forgery.  Where as all these other ones are giveaways.

This one wins the WTF award:

Seriously, I have no idea what’s going on there.  None.

  • Film name – MISSING
  • Tag line – MISSING
  • Some sort of plot – MISSING
  • Famous people – MISSING

Can someone look at this and not think of children’s coloring book, or something similar?

Anyway, in closing I’d like to say stop trying to reinvent something perfect, I bet all the people who made these/like these posters are people who hate The Special Editions of Star Wars, these are no different.

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Dinosaur Surpervisor

You might be asking yourself why I’m giving this it’s own post.  Surly this is ripe material for a Stumbles?!?@..  Well you would be right, except this is Jurassic Park.  And there are a few films that I respect so much they get special treatment.  A short list of them for those who are curious:

  • Die Hard
  • Jurassic Park
  • Armageddon
  • Terminator 2

Yes, that list is in order.

Anyway, I would like to point out that Phil Tippett failed at his job, I wonder if John Hammond wasn’t paying him enough either.

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