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Little Boy

Little Boy

It’s the marking of the turning point of world history.  The United States of America showed the world that the power of the atom was within their hands, and with one plane, and one bomb, the devastated the town of Hiroshima.

This ultimatum unfortunately was not enough, and another bomb was necessary to end the war with Japan.


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Remember, Remember

The 7th of December

When the Japs secured their fate

The years numbered four

But we evened the score

And it was surely worth the wait

That’s a good version of the The fifth of November poem.  Sure there are more lines that I’m not adding to, but honestly, who else remembers anything except the ones I’ve got above?  Stop lying.

Any Hootie and the Blowfish, I am as close to Pearl Harbor as I have ever been on Pearl Harbor Remembrance day.  Would you look at that.

Take a moment to reflect on the massive amounts of history that were effected today.  And remember, we’re the greatest.

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Alternate History Thursday: Nagasaki

The Butterfly Effect from a few days ago, it’s still in effect today as 71 years ago Fat Man fell on the city of Nagasaki.  What would have happened if that butterfly didn’t flap it’s wings?  Read on for the crazy hyperbole that I came up with.

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Midway Ends

What’s this?  Two World War 2 posts in a single week?  Back to back nonetheless?  Crazy talk you say.  No, this is history!  74 years ago, on June 07, 1942 Admiral Nimitz helped lead the Americans to successfully defeat an attacking Japanese Navy in the Battle of Midway.

Yorktown Hit

This battle is often called the turning point of the Pacific theater.  This was the first Allied victory against The Empire of Japan, and as such was a major moral boost after Pearl Harbor.


Pearl Harbor

Attack on Pearl Harbor

Another year has gone by, another few gallons of oil have seeped out of The Arizona, but still, time marches on, and still we remember.  The people effected might no longer be with us, but the memories of them, are still.  And the actions, both directly, and indirectly, changed the course of history.  All of us alive now owe it to the Japs for making that poor decision 74 years ago.  Remember that.

But also, remember the thousands of soldiers killed in the attack that changed the world.