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Star Wars Episode V: James Bond Style

No promise that this video will still work when you watch it, it took me awhile to find one that had audio, stupid automated copyright bots.  Reddit user krofl created this mashup of the James Bond type title sequence for Star Wars Episode V. for his thesis.  The title sequence is full of James Bond esque parts, to the tune of Radiohead’s Spectre.  I like the sequence, but I think a different song should have been chosen, but that’s just me.

Here’s a link to the Youtube version, maybe they’ll put audio back soon.

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James Bond Plays James Bond

It’s on the short list of the greatest games of all time, I’m talking about Goldeneye 007  Did you know that that game is 17 years old?  Did you know that the movie it’s based on is 19 years old?  Did you know that we’re all getting old?

Anyway, Jimmy Fallon was “interviewing” Pierce Brosnan recently, and instead of asking questions, and doing things, he decided to challenge him to a game of Goldeneye.  However it wasn’t so much a game as “let Jimmy kill you awkwardness.”  Oh well, such is life.  Watch it or not, but I think  you should go find some friends and fire up the old N64.