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Sewer Time-Lapse

Today I bring you a different type of time-lapse, one of the sewers under Manchester England.

CJ over at substormflow explores the old culverts and sewers beneath this city and documented them over 9 months collecting 5,000 photos which he’s combined into the above time-lapse.  Now, honestly, I wouldn’t call these sewers, they look more like storm drains.  But then again, that’s where most of the name came from, I think.

Moving water is fun, and these old brick lined pipes and tunnels are hallmarks to a simpler time when this type of water control was necessary.  I would probably spend just as much time as CJ does exploring old water systems like that if we had more of them in America.  Or, at least in the part of America that I live in anyway.  There are some elaborate systems like this in New England, but the vast majority of them are more modern concrete and steel systems that just don’t have the allure of brick and mortar.

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Controllable Bubbles

Part of the fun of bubbles is not knowing what you’re going to get.  Not knowing how many, or how large, or how long the bubbles are going to be.  They are unpredictable.  Gordon Kirkwood decided to take the unpredictability out of them.  He made what he calls the CNC Bubble Iris.  The entire thing is so overly-complicated that you will wonder what it is if you didn’t see it in action.  He has a whole 19 step Instructable on his build.  I’ll give him credit for making it very detailed, but still, it’s bubbles.  Why does this much effort need to be spent on it?

Giant Bubble Maker

Here’s a video of the Iris in action:

All that being said, I have to admire the engineering behind this.  This is very well thought out, and very well made.  Professionally made.  I just question the necessity of it.  But then again, many of the greatest things have no practical use, they are just cool.  And with as much negativity I have had towards this, I think it’s cool.