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Stimble Stumble Stamble

It’s winter, and there’s snow on the ground, and its the same snow that’s been on the ground since December, it never goes away, more just keeps coming.  Well, that’s exactly like what the stumbles are.  The internet just keeps coming up with more and more awesome, amazing, funny, meme, and wrong things for me to find and gather together in a post for you all to enjoy.

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Charlie the Unicorn 3!

Charlie is back! On his 3rd real adventure, we find him going under the sea with his friends (who are from the future) to complete the Snowman they were making in order to save the world. It’s full of the regular Charlie shenanigans, and stupidity of his friends, and that’s what makes it awesome.
Does it live up to 1, and 2 though? I don’t know, maybe. I like the song way better then the one in 2. I’ll have to watch this one a dozen more times and see if I’m still quoting it on Monday. If so, then it it a great.


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My favorite meme is LOLcats, and while these two videos don’t really fulfill the LOLcat specifications, they are kittens, and they are awesome, so here you go:

That kitten was cool, but this little girl is amazing!

That little girl was awesome, amazing, cute times 1000, and a wonderful voice for the kittens.

a stumble awesome haha! internet

There’s a Monster Under My Bed

Everyone thought that when they were little right?  Well, the site i used to believe has a collection of user submitted childhood beliefs about everything!

I don’t mean to be mean about it, but, some of them are good for a good laugh, and others you can relate too.  Even add your own.  Definitely a good site togo to on a boring Thursday monring like today…