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Star Ceiling

Instrucable user redsunsoft has created a nice simple how to on making a star field ceiling.  However, his instructions aren’t for something permanent, or difficult to build, he actually used relatively cheap materials and made something that can move with him (since he’s currently renting this place).

back of star field

He attached a cheap set of fiber optics he bought on eBay to a cheap particle poster board he bought at Target.  He lightly sprayed white spray paint on the front side so that it looks normal durring daylight hours, and drilled holes so the fiber optics would light up those stars at night:

star fiber

All in all I think this is a pretty neat way to get a simple star field to put over a child’s bed.

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Action Figure Lamp

Action Figure Lamp final

Remember the Star Wars lamp from earlier this month?  Well, here’s a general Action Figure Lamp.  Well, Jessy, of Making Jiggy, has made her own similar lamp, but this time, out of regular Action Figures.  Jessy has decided to put together an instructable on the whole process.  It clocks in at 8 steps long, but again, it’s not too difficult, the hardest part is deciding what action figures to sacrifice for this noble lamp.

Action Figure Lamp Raw

There’s a few things to take into account when making this type of lamp, mainly the types of plastic the action figures are made of, but with some careful planning, and checking, you should be able to secure everything.  I have to say though, I don’t like the raw version with all the colors, it’s far too busy.  Spray painting it Gold really works for it.

Here’s a close up of the top area, with the light on:

lamp closeup

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2×4 Marble Coaster

Instructable user seamster has created a pretty neat marble run from a single 8 foot 2×4.

The whole thing is 22 steps long, but it’s very well documented, and worth it.  I think it’s superb, the 2×4 is a staple of modern wooden construction.  The cost almost nothing, and with really only a bandsaw and a table saw you can make this entire project.  It’s a perfect thing to get kids interested in engineering.  Especially the part where adding all the cross braces greatly increased the rigidity of the contraption.  Plus, marble runs are just plain fun.

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smile screw

screw:) from Yuma Kano on Vimeo.

It looks like ArticPenguin might need to update his Instrucable with this new Screw Design by Yuma Kano.  It looks pretty neat, but I gotta say, outside of a few trivial applications for children’s toys, and furniture, and decorations, I don’t see this being usefull anywhere else.  There’s a 30 degree range where it will look decent, otherwise, it makes no sense.  And, I bet it’s pain to actually have to use the screw driver.

{This is Colossal | NOTCOT | Designboom}


K’Nex Skeeball

skee ball!

Over 28,000 pieces, over 1 year build time, more a feat of DIY engineering than anything else.  This is awesome. (I used to use that word a lot, but I’ve curtailed it recently, in this case, I mean it).

Instrucables user Shadowman39 really went all out to build this monster.  Everything in it is made using K’Nex, and everything is mechanical, yes, even the scoreboard.


inside the score

Wait, it get’s better, it’s coin operated.  AND, it only takes Quarters!

coin slot

Here’s a video of it in action:


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The Holiest Cake

Instructables user rickwalker created the most awesome cake ever.

The Holy Hand Grenade cake

The whole Instrucable is impressively documented.  It seems very long, but that’s because there are so many important steps in order to get it just right.  I mean, look how perfect the above cake looks compared to the real thing:

It’s a spitting image if I do say so myself.

It even looks good.  However, reading the instructable, and knowing all the stuff that went into it, I probably wouldn’t eat it because I don’t like just about all the things in it.  But that means I can have my cake and not care about eating it too!

eaten cake

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Marble Machine room

This kid officially has the coolest room ever.  A fullly customized kinetic marble sculpture that goes along the top of his room.  You can read the instructable if you want to make one for yourself.

Look at the track, isn’t it beautiful, the way he made the entire thing custom himself, out of stuff he mostly had laying around his house.

Look at that picture.  Are you done looking at it.  I don’t think you are.

That should be good.  But in case you’re not, click here.


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LED Chandelier

My house is gonna be filled of LED devices and computer parts, and a faraday cage underground.  It is gonna be a super awesome cool house though.

My living room will have my Interactive LED Table, now I think my Dining room will have this nice LED Chandelier:

I really like the idea of exposing the wires and ends of the LEDs, and using motorcycle spokes for the edges.  I would probably use something different, maybe a length of unshielded copper wire.  And I think I would throw a few blue LEDs in there too to make it more interesting.  I have more then enough LEDs left over from various projects, I am gonna start this project soon!

Here’s the Instructable on it.

More cool how to projects
(I enjoy the embeddable instructables, awesome idea guys!)

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Tetris Ice Cubes

Yes Tetris has made it into your freezer in the form of custom Tetris shaped ice cubes.  Yes, i am making these.