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smile screw

screw:) from Yuma Kano on Vimeo.

It looks like ArticPenguin might need to update his Instrucable with this new Screw Design by Yuma Kano.  It looks pretty neat, but I gotta say, outside of a few trivial applications for children’s toys, and furniture, and decorations, I don’t see this being usefull anywhere else.  There’s a 30 degree range where it will look decent, otherwise, it makes no sense.  And, I bet it’s pain to actually have to use the screw driver.

{This is Colossal | NOTCOT | Designboom}

awesome DIY games video

Ball Bearing Roller Coaster

I remember having one of these in my basement when I was little.  It never worked right, and it was constantly in various pieces, but I always imagined that it would be pretty awesome when it did work.  I drew up plans in my mind of how it could work, and expand, and just be fun, but never got to build them because it didn’t work.

Well, JamJarCollective has an Instrucatble on how to make one of these out of copper wire.

He used heavy copper electrical wire to make just about everything on his track.

And, there’s everything from basic 90 degree turns, to loops, and this sick ass corkscrew that is basically vertical.

One of the hardest parts of it was designing a way to get the balls back to the top of the track.  Because a roller coaster that’s in perpetual motion is way better then one you have to set manually.  Still he used the copper wire for the core, and screw, and the rails, which I say is good, because it keeps it looking nice (i like copper)

And, here is a pretty ace video of it all in action:

Now this has me wanting to figure out how to make it all myself.  Then I want to go 2 steps beyond, and have it go about an entire room.  Except that would cost time, money, location, and skills.  All of which I can get, but not all at once.  So until then, I will have to make due with my imagination, and I think that’s a pretty good alternative.