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Strange Juggling Balance Thing

I really don’t see a need for this, but it exists because someone made it.  That someone is Ameron Rosvall, a prop maker and juggler (according to his Instagram), also the owner of a pretty sick beard.  He’s got some pretty neat contraptions on his Instagram, but that one above is the king.  He looks so satisfied getting the balls to remain in their loops just dancing around.  He’s got some pretty good hand-eye-chin coordination too, check out this one:

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The smaller ring works too 😃

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Normal Items, turned into Space Ships

Instagram artist Spacegooose has a unique claim to fame, taking ordinary every day objects and re-imagining them as space ships. I first found him via this reddit post of a shampoo bottle.

Here’s a unique take on a whisk:

He doesn’t only do objects into space ships, he does original space ships, as well as visions of famous star ships of science fiction.  I never had the artistic ability to do stuff this detailed, but I did have an imagination which would provide all sorts of things.  I love reading about space ships and all the ridiculous stuff that goes on them when aerodynamics don’t mean anything.

You should check out his ArtStation while you’re at it.  He’s pretty talented.

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Sand Art Via Drone

Drones are cool, and so is sand art.  Personally, I’m more of a fan of sand castles, but the above art is equally as neat.   The video comes via Instagram user @jbenart, and if you check out his page on Instagram, or his website, you can see some equally as impressive masterpieces.

He’s from France, and has some serious skills.  I’m equally as impressed with his sand art skills as with his ability to make the artwork before the tide comes in and washes it all away.

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I’m Back

I never really was “gone”

Deadly Computer the greatest

Niagara Falls

I don’t have all of my photos yet, Chicago => New York is a very long drive, especially alone. So instead, you can view this one from Instagram from last week. Enjoy.

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Falling Sand

Here’s a cool except from my trip to Kobuk Valley National Park.  Yes, it’s been over 2 months since I’ve gotten back, but I still feel the need to share these things with you.

I you want to watch more of it, here’s the video where I included the longer clip.  And like always, here’s the link to my photos.

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Post Ranger Game

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Rangers Blimp
The Ranges fly a blimp around the inside of the Garden during the intermissions. I didn’t see it drop anything, though other people have said other teams have done similar things and it would drop raffle tickets, or give-aways and stuff.

The game was a Win in my book, and The Rangers.  It’s always a fun time to get up and sing the goal song.

There’s an Original 6 match up tonight.  What you don’t know what the Original 6 is?  Go read the wikipedia article on it, I don’t have time to paraphrase it.

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Ash’s House

Pokemon House

Well, it looks like it anyway.  Instagram user Pixelized Creations made this really dang good representation of the generic house from Pokemon complete with a garden, and Ash battling Gary.

What’s even better, and somewhat hard to tell from the above angled photo is that it’s a 3-D representation of the scene.  The monochrome colors were chosen to more accurately represent how Pokemon looked 20 years ago on the original Game Boy.

Here are two more photos showing a different perspective where you can better see the depth of the project:

Pokemon Garden.

Pokemon Battle

Originally the project was going to be standard 2 dimensional, then a background was made, then after some thought it morphed into the 3-D scene you see above.  Everything goes really well.  The color scheme, the layout, the characters.  It’s all pretty ace.


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The Book Train

Did you know that there’s a book roller coaster/train in The New York Public Library? Me neither!  Apparently it’s a revamping of the old system of convener belts that were used to transfer books around the 8 story building.  It’s either we’re so modern, or wages are so expensive (thanks mandated $15/hr minimum wage), that they felt the need to automate this age old process of replacing books where they belong.

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The Milky Way, From an Airplane

Milky Way wing

At one point in time, I tried to start up a website for people to share photos they took from airplane windows.  I never had a chance to finish it which is a shame because it could have been cool.  Anyway, Alessandro Merga one-upped every wing-shot I ever took with one of the Milky-Way.  He took many different shots and had to process it in post, but eventually, he got the above, which is quite impressive if you ask me.

As much as the minimal light pollution, and less atmosphere that the light travels through, I really like the composites that Ian Norman has put together with light pollution from cities and the airplane itself.  It’s really much nicer, but that’s photography for you, everything is an opinion.

Here, you can watch his 20 minute video on how he achieved this feat:

I’m pretty sure I’ll be too exhausted from my Alaska trip to do much of the above, especially since half of my flights will be during the day.  But maybe in a future trip I’ll attempt that.  There’s really nothing to loose except time and frustration with the advent of digital.

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