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Farewell to Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman as Wolverine is one of those castings that just fit perfectly.  His portrayal of the character, his enjoyment of it is something rare in the movie business.  That makes the above trailer all the more sad as it’s his final time playing the pivotal mutant.  The movie, named simply Logan is set in the future, and he is growing old.  There’s a clone of him too apparently.  I don’t know.  I’ve never read the comics, and I’m trying to distance myself following movies too closely before release, it ruins all the suspense.

Jackman’s shoes will be next to impossible to fill, if Fox is smart, they will allow a dozen or so years before they bring back that character into the main stream films.  Unfortunately, for casual fans, Wolverine is the face of X-Men, so that seems unlikely.

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The Birth of a UFO

Gone are the days when these things could be explained away as swamp gas reflecting off the planet Venus.  No, with the advent of cheap, highly maneuverable “drones” people can do all sorts of things.  At night, with a 1,000 watt LED bar attached to the bottom of it, and individually controlled and colored LEDs on each arm, you can create some pretty ace videos.  To a bystander however, they look eerily similar to the traditional UFOs.

I gotta say though, the resulting video is pretty ace.  (That’s twice I’ve used ace in this blog post).  I really like the video of the bridge.  It looks like a render doesn’t it?!

{Hacked Gadgets}

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The Movie Map

You must click on that link to make it full size cause that tiny view doesn’t do it justice.  It’s organized by movie genera, and in the form of a subway map.  It’s pretty neat actually.  The choices for the movies themselves came from the IMDb top 250 movies as of June 19, 2009.  I’ve seen alot of them on the list, and, I’m happy to say that my two favorite movies are on the list, Die Hard, and Terminator 2.

There are a bunch of different routes I would take.  Going through it, I think I would make at least one stop on ever line.  I’d stop on almost every one on 10, transfer to 9, ride the 8 to the begining, then back up 6, then ride that all the way around, stop off at 12 Angry Men, then take that all the way around to 1, then go over the 15, take that all the way around back to 1, jump on 13 over at Star Wars, and take that to Back to the Future.  Rest for the night, then go back to 1 the same way, make my way to 2, take that stopping at Wall-E on 16, and travel down there, making all the stops but Ratatouille.

I think I got them all, but I’m not sure, I probably missed a line or 2 that I just couldn’t make without stopping for the night, like I did with 13 – Sci-Fi.  There should be more cross overs there.  Terminator is a Sci-Fi, as is The Matrix!

What would your route be?  It doesn’t need to be as complicated as mine, don’t worry.

Check out the PDF of the map to see it in higher resolution, and to get the list of the top 250 in order at the bottom of it.  Movie map


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2 Degrees of…

Who is that?!
Who is that?!

Ever see a movie, or tv show and one of the actors just stands out and you’re like “WHO ARE YOU?!”  And you spend the rest of the movie trying to figure out who that is, and therefore ruin the movie?  Yea, I do that all the time.  Some people I’m good at figuring out, like Bruce Willis, Alan Rickman, and Robert Patrick.  Some people just confuse me.

Now there’s a site that let’s you compare 2 movies of tv shows and get a list of characters.  It seemed to work when I tried it the other day.  But today it is not working at all.  Die Hard and Harry Potter are turning up no results.  Alan Rickman is Hans, (that pretty man that’s falling in the photo above), and Professor Snape, (The guy who kills Dumbledore!!!!).

If it starts to work again, it could be a very good resource.  Also, you could just remember the name of the character, and go to IMDb, and look though his history.  That’s usually a more fun way, and I think this is all that it’s doing, but I could be wrong.