Waterfall Skiing


Yes, this is as stupid as it sounds.  No, he is not successful.  No you should not try this ever.  Yes, he should rethink his life choices. Just because it’s summer doesn’t mean that you have to try and get 100% usage out of your winter equipment.  It’s perfectly reasonable to leave them sitting in … Continued

Parking Passes


Everyone has seen people who deserve these parking lesson slips on their cars.  Few people do anything about it, and it really doesnt matter because you’re bumper sticker you’ll affix to their car wont do anything but piss them off and make them feel like they have to live up to the (low) standards of … Continued

More Proof that the country is going crazy


In the spirit of stupidity among the American Schools along the lines of What could have happened from August comes a story that although doesn’t top that one for sheer stupidity, it does come close. The Guns N’ Roses song, “Welcome To The Jungle” A decent song in my opinion, I’m not a GNR fan, … Continued