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Personal Flying Machine

This is a pretty interesting airplane.  At under $150,000 it’s cheaper then some cars, and so much more useful, and legally faster.  I want one, I could use it for scouting missions for my bunker location.  The fact that it can land on water makes it doublely useful because I can find a secluded mountain spot alone, the hard part would be transferring supplies, because it can only carry about 530lbs, but i could probably modify it a bit if need be.

Now i have two things to save up for, a bunker, and an Icon A5 plane.  Who want’s to donate first?


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The Best Gift Guide

Daniel foster over at PC Fastlane has put together a true Holiday Gift guide for the Geek you know.  And, I must say, I would greatly accept anything on this list, except maybe the shirt, that’s kinda weird, and I don’t think I’d actually wear it.

But some of the other stuff, perfect right up there.

The Optimus Mini 3, I’d take that, hell, I’m supprised I haven’t bought one already for myself.

The Optimus Maximus, damn, is that not on everyone’s list of wanting?

Uranium Ore, get me uranium ore, and you have the key to my heart.  Get me some plutunioum, and I might just marry you.

So if you want to get that speical geek you know something they will truly love you for, take a look at the full list.  Trust me, it’s way better then a 3rd iPod, or a gift card.

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Tetris in your Shower

More proof that Tetris is the game that is everywhere.  Interactivity is no longer involved.  Well, at least multiple times interactivity anyway.  Since you get to play with these Tetris themed tiles a few times while you set them up to go on your wall.  Once they’re in though, no more.

I think they are awesome.  And when I make my own house, these will be in at least one bathroom, somewhere, wall or floor, not ceiling, that’s weird.  Hopefully by then they will have custom Pantone colors up, this way I can submit the official Tetris colors from the Original game (played on a GBC).  Cause those blue and black, and pink and white colors, yea, not for me…