A New House

New year, new goals. Have this tree house! Or not. While it’s pretty neat looking, it looks quite exposed to, well everything. It’s also way over reliant on technology, and requires a crane to be installed. Plus, it sticks out like a sore thumb on the skyline, you’re easy pickings for the robots to attack. No thank you, I’ll take my underground bunker instead.

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Scale Brick House

This person when through an awful lot of trouble to build this scale house and to be honest, I am very impressed with it.  However I’m not sure what the point of it was.  Especially since it’s mostly covered with stucco.  He could have gotten the same look with one quarter of the time and effort.  I think this would have been cool as an educational video and display.  Where half the house was not finished and cut away so that you could see the inside of it.  Oh well it’s neat and I applaud this guy for having the time and skills to do something like that.


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Storage -> Loft


reddit user psychemagic has turned an old run down storage unit into a super nice, one room loft.

This is what the outside looked like, big ugly black doors.


And after some new brick work, a nice new door and some small windows, it looks 100% better:

outside post

The inside of the building was equally as bad, although, this is probably a poor photo choice by me, the editor to show you how much he improved it, but if I used one of the other photos in his album, I wouldn’t be able to tell you how he greatly he improved the living space here.  In otherwords, I am going to pick and choose the photos that tell the story I want you to hear.  And I’m going to hope that you’re too lazy to click on the album link later on to see that I bent the truth just a smidge.

inside is a mess

I don’t know how I feel about the ladder, it’s cool, and I approve of supporting local artists, but something about it seems unstable to me:

ladder to bed

Anyway, here is the link to the full album on imgur I was talking about before.  Feel free to click it, or feel free to believe the story I decided to write instead.  The choice is yours.

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This Used to be a Pool

reddit user TorbenBusk had a novel idea on how to get the most use out of an old, outdated indoor pool.  Close it up, cover it, and add an entire extra living space (that’s about 8 inches shorter then the other side of the room).

Pool Room 1

The above is the final product, complete with furniture, painted walls, and a baby Christmas Tree.

Here is what it used to look like:

Pool Room, with pool

It doesn’t look that appetizing does it.  Sure it’s an indoor pool, but I don’t know how well I would trust it.  It just looks like it’s cold, and dirty, and like someplace people haven’t enjoyed for years.  Originally, him and his wife purchased the building because for the (theoretical floor space), it was cheaper than getting a house with no pool.  You see, this pool has all the characteristics I mentioned above, which despite the fact that it’s an indoor pool, detract from the total value of the home.

Pool framing

His plan all along was to make this a reversible decision, should he, or a future owner ever decide they want an indoor pool again.  He also wanted to make it closed off, without the strange echo of a void below the floor, you know, this way he can keep things under there.

Check out the imgur album he made going over the entire process, it’s not too long, but he has detailed information about most of the steps he did, and the reasoning behind them, along with the, “I’m doing this myself I’ve had enough, I’m just gonna put 17 screws into it” mentality.

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LEGO House

Confession. I have wanted to make a house completely out of LEGOs since forever.  The long lines of solid color, the box shape, all of it is cool.  James May, of Mike and Chris’ favorite show, Top Gear beat me to it, and that makes me sad.  But,  I can still bask in the glory of how he made it.

Personally, I would have put alittle more character into the outside of the house, but that would probably would have inflated the bricks usage from 3.3 million, to like 3.3billion.  But whatever, if you have enough money and time to make it, you might as well make is awesome!

The weird part is that he furnished the inside complete with LEGOs too.  Why?  It doesn’t take a genious to know that LEGOs aren’t comfortable, why would you make a bed, or a couch out of them?  Also, his house isn’t water proof.  Did the people who made this even think?  LEGOs aren’t made of rubber, they won’t stop water, why would someone think that?  I’m begining to loose some respect for their efforts.

That window makes up for some of it.  I think it looks cool.  I wonder just how much light is coming through it though, and how much is artificial form the photographer.  Whatever, I’ll pretend it’s all natural, so you get an extra point I guess.

Apparently there is no one to take this house though.  The property they built it on want’s it’s land back, and LEGO Land isn’t taking it, mostly cause it’s impossible to move, which in turn is meaning no one is gonna take it.

It looks like little to no thought regarding the long term went into this project, which is sad, because something of this magnitude should be saved.  If I lived in England, and had a few million dollars spare, I would have it moved to somewhere.  Oh well.

{Mail Online}

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I love this Giant Treehouse

There’s something about a Treehouse that is just purely awesome.  What’s cooler then being above the ground suspended in a tree? (OK, maybe living underground protected by the earth).  I have a treehouse, its small and square and has a roof, but is still cool.

This guy though, he takes the cake for the best treehouse ever made ever.  It weighs in at97 feet high, with  10 floors, ~10,000 square feet, and over 258,000 nails.  The only things missing are running water, heat, and electricity.  I wonder if the state is collecting taxes on all this living space he’s built over the last 14 years?  (That’s why you make a bunker, no one can see it, no one can tax you)

It’s main support is in an 80 tall White Oak, that’s up to 12 feet wide at the base, but there are 6 other trees holding it up from the sides I’d imagine.

Look at that, it looks like a real house.  The floors are straight, and level, and not loopsided like how I would envision a 10 story treehouse.

There’s a lookout/Bell tower.  That is awesome.

I really think that the decoration on those support arches is beautiful, it gives it character, and does something with those extra useless pieces of wood.

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Live in an Airplane

This house has 3 things going for it.

  1. it’s a airplane
  2. it’s in a tree – kinda
  3. it’s awesome

Let me stress the last part, it’s awesome.

See it’s kinda in a tree, it’s high up in the trees, so that counts as in a tree in my book.

And the inside of it looks nice too!  It’s a total win win situation.  I wonder how much it cost, and where they got the plane from?  {source}

There’s a bunch of speculation in the comments of that blog, with no real link to the original or mention as to where this house is.  Some claim it’s a hotel, but fail to provide links to it.

This example on MAKE of an airplane house is much better.

Around $24,000 for a real airplane turned into a house, I can totally afford that.  I would to.  I am jelous of that house.

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Tree Houses

tree house
Tree houses are no where near as safe as bunkers are, but they are just as cool. They are easily defendable, if you have an iron tree.
tree house 2
tree house 3

Here are some more awesome concepts of some Tree Houses.

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Interesting homes

ufo house

I actually saw a show about alternate houses, and this was one of them.  Apparently there are quite a few like this around the US.  Apparently it is also a bitch to furnish a curved room!  There are quite a few other interesting houses over here.

bridge house

I really like this bridge house, though, i’d probably hate it cause i hate giant drownable bodies of water like that.

elevator house

this house is at the bottom of a cliff with an elevator to the top.  The one downfall (pun intended) is that it’s probably on the shore, and as i said above, i hate water, most espically the ocean.

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Secret Passageways

So, not only am I going to build my own house, but, I am going to build some secret rooms, and passageways into my house.  I was thinkin of doing it all myself, but, I think i may entrust Creative Home Engineering to do it for me, they are professionals, and when you look at their gallery of designes they’ve made, I have to agree with them, thats some good work.

And, you can have it be just like movies, and stuff, twist a candlestick, or pull the third book on the second shelf from the top on the right side.  They also think about your security, and will install fingerprint readers and other biometric safety devices.  Holy crap, this is an awesome company!