Here you can watch over 3 minutes of different takes on Santa from the land of cinema over the years.  I knew where many of them were from, but some were just out there strange.  Oh well, Merry Christmas everyone. {Time}

Happy Thanksgiving


Happy Thanksgiving to you all.  It’s the 4th Thursday of November, and in America, that’s Thanksgiving.  It’s really just a time to be thankful for everything.  So that’s what I’m doing.  How are you handling it?

Pasta with Jam Sauce


In honor of Thanksgiving this week, here is a wounderful alternative recipe to serve to your guests: Pasta with Jam Sauce The entire dish was cooked up by the young son West of Misha Collins.  The series is called Cooking Fast and Fresh with West.  It’s There are only 4 episodes, they are all great, … Continued

Alternate History Thursdays – May Day


It’s May Day, and you know what that means, time to celebrate Communism.  In the present reality, May Day is celebrated on May 1st, when it’s known as International Workers Day, except in America, where it’s known as Labor Day, and celebrated on the first Monday of September. Well, in our alternate reality, it’s still … Continued



As Comet ISON makes its way around the sun, take today to be Thankful for the universe, and the astronomical odds that you would be alive at this very moment, reading this very thing.  Pretty crazy huh? If that doesn’t make you feel small, take alook at this interactive star map:   Drag it around, … Continued

Would you like an Apple Pie with that?


Well would you punk? That’s right, it’s the time honored tradition of annoying the piss out of you, and it couldn’t have come any earlier.  I expect you to watch that, and have it stuck in your head for the rest of the day.  You’re welcome. Now, allow Bruce Willis to welcome you: To the … Continued

Microwave Music


Ok, it’s alittle late, but I had to show it, just because it’s so awesome: I can only imagine how much power was needed to get those microwaves working like that.  I mean, look at all the extension cords!  From my count, it’s 49 microwaves, at around 500 watts each, that’s a lot of power.   … Continued

Awesome Google Doodles Today


Today is Halloween, yay?  I don’t like Halloween, but whatever. Google has an awesome series of doodles on their homepage today.  In fact, I’ve never seen this type before.  When you click on the logo, it changes, to 4 different ones. The first one is above, it’s kinda boring and I can’t really see that … Continued