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Hitler’s Art

Hitler Moasic

Those of you who know me know that i have an unhealthy obsession with Hitler, as seen here, and here, and here, and here.  Well, many people don’t know or maybe they do now from this XKCD comic, but Adolf Hitler wanted to be an artist originally, before he got world domination on his mind.

That’s right, before he painted the world to look like this:

He actually painted the world looking like this:

I must say, that is a pretty nice looking painting.  I am not an art person at all, I like photographs, and in particular, my own photographs.  But given the chance to own some of these works of art, I would.  Not only would they be a great conversation starter, they would look real nice on the walls of my bunker.

Some of his paintings were postcard sized though, apparently those were popular with tourists, who knew?!

I really like this one “Cathedral in Vienna.”  Actually, if I had to choose, I would choose these 3 on the page from the group of ten here.  I like buildings, and landscapes best.  I would totally buy one of them, a real one, or a reproduction, I don’t care.  I also would accept donations.

{map of Europe}

Also, for what it’s worth, his signature is not very great, makes me wonder about the authenticity of that scene from Indiana Jones.

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Best Stumbles 5

Best Stumbles 5 marks the return of Hitler!  To most people that is probably not a good thing, but to people who know my wicked sense of humor, that means much inappropriate humor is to follow.  Also, it’s election time, and that means, it’s time to vote.  Be sure you vote for evil.  If you don’t then evil will just take over anyway.  Might as well have your say in the evil takeover!

As always, (well, always from now on anyway), full list of awesome stumbles after the click:

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Best Stumbles 2

A sequal to the original Best Stumble pictures, these are better, and wronger.  Again, most of these come from ImageChan, which I already knew was a wrong place, but now i know for sure just how messed up it is.  And also again, a disturbing amount involve Hitler humor…

The whole list is after the click this time, because there are just a few really, really wrong ones now…

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Best Stumble Pictures

There’s just way too many good things about StumbleUpon to not use it.  I’ve stumbled to many, many great pictures and photos that have just left me literally laughing out loud, or in some cases, speechless for many, many minutes.  Here are all my favorites:

sense, this picture makes none

my all time favorite motivational poster

i love a parade

i have this printed out and on my door

white flour

too much would be wrong if i printed this out and posted it somewhere

wtf lol

i wonder who has I PWND U?

look at these fucking eggs!

the third paragraph, the first paragraph, the last paragraph, total and complete wow.

nazi vs. star wars

This is an awesome fake battle that is really just awesome


Ok, ok, i know this is a really, really old image, but every time i see it it makes me laugh.

t. hanks

Why hello there Mr. Hanks


To echo the original post, who comes up with this stuff?

hitler kid

Not only did this kid have messed up parents, but, the caption is borderline wrong!

rainbow lightning

I think that’s beautiful, along with all the other lightning photos

meat loaf's facts

Is it sad that I just loved that chart?

toner girl

How can I forget Toner Girl?  This is a motivational poster based on her famous image, I still want to know who you are…

the end

I leave with those good words of advice, they help me make it through the day, maybe they’ll help you.

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Happy Birthday Hitler!

hitler moasic

Today is Adolf Hitler’s 119th birthday, wish him luck at his goal of ruling the world.  He failed before, but that’s not to say he’s still alive in South America, or any of those other weird conspericy theories about him are true.

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Great Stories

STORG.NET is a place where people can submit stories about anything in life, as long as they are slightly interesting, and slightly true.  I’ve spent the better part of a night there so far reading stories, and  (not) surprisingly, my favorite story is the one where a guy dressed up as Hitler for a ball, although, the one about the ADHD Heelys bowling is pretty awesome too, that one’s short enough i included it below:

The coolest job to have back in January 2007 was working at a toy store. Back then, EVERY kid between the ages 5 and 10 got a pair of Heelys for Christmas. While kids were eagerly spending their gift certificates at my store, about 80% of them had not fully mastered wheels on heels physics.

So myself and a few crew members came up with a game called ADHD Bowling. Each of us set up a very unstable floor display at a blind spot around a corner, and we would get points whenever a speeding kid would knock it down. Bonus points were added if there was crying or a spanking.

Here were the results during one 8 hour shift:

Myself- a display with 12 cases of Cabbage Patch Dolls knocked down 5 times with one kid crying.

Lenny- a display with 20 Star Wars boxed lightsabers knocked down 8 times, 2 kids crying, one spanking.

Alyssa(current champ)- her rigged winter coat rack sprawled coats all over the floor a whopping 9 times resulting in 6 spankings.

None of us got in trouble because Alyssa is the store manager.

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The World

(You’re gonna need to click on that) It’s a mural of many of the world’s most influential people. Imcludiong all the favorites, Hitler, Lenin, Bill Gates?, Lincoln, Elvis and others. There’s a few people missing I think, and theres more then a few people I don’t recognize, but overall, it’s a nice old style view of some of the people who have changed this world the most

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The Evil Cats

Took me a minute to get this picture, but once i did, it made me smile. Now it just needs to be LOLizied.

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Hitler and the Aliens

So, i decided that what better way to honor Adolf Hitler’s 118th birthday then to go into a giant conspiracy theory that says he’s still alive?!

That’s right, everyone’s favorite dictator could very well be alive and kicking somewhere under the sea, or in South America maybe?  How is this so you ask, well it’s a simple matter of taking advantage of Alien technology of course.

Add to this the fact that Hitler’s body was never recovered by the allies, and that Stalin publicly stated that Hitler was not dead, and you have on your hands a very awesome conspiracy theory.  Hit the link for more info…

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the greatest… dictators

In honor of Fidel Castro, this week’s greatest list will be the greatest dictators of all time. Sure dictators are usually considered evil people who are hated by millions of other people,and sure this list is full of some damn scary evil people, but you have to give them credit for something, and that’s what this list is for, besides #7 will just freak you out!

like always, full list after the click