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The Life Straw

It seems like everyone has one of these. Or at least anyone who did any hiking or other outdoor activities. I have one, I never used it. But I trusted the sale and bought one anyway. Well, being stuck inside has got people doing all sorts of crazy things with their time.

Have you wondered if a life straw works? Wonder no more, a decent test to show that if you really needed one it would actually work.


awesome video

Beautiful South Africa

Alex Nail spent 9 days hiking into The Drakensberg, a beautiful part of South Africa.  Him and some friends carried about 70lbs of camera gear, much of which I bet was the 12 batteries and solar charging system.  This video is really cool, it almost makes me want to go see that area of the world.  Almost, it is Africa after all…

{Peta Pixel|Facebook}


Autumn Hiking

It might not be the most wonderful time of the year, but it is pretty damn nice looking out.  Especially in the North East part of the country.  The fall colors are in full bloom up by Cold Spring NY.  The weather was nice for a late October day.

Puddle Reflection

One of the people I was hiking with pointed out this puddle for me, I have to thank her, because it was a really nice shot, I only wish I had my proper camera for it.

Here’s a few more you can look at if you want.