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Geode Skulls

I gotta say, these things look so ace.  The skills and craftsmanship that is necessary to carve them are amazing.  It’s also important to find geodes that are large enough to get a fully sized skull out of them.  Well, maybe not exactly life-sized.  But larger than a keychain anyway.

Mohawk Skull

As you can expect though, they are crazy expensive the larger and more intercriate you get.  This Mohawk one unfortunately has already been sold for $1,190.

You could have gotten this screaming skull for a cool $999.95, unfortunately that too has been sold.


I couldn’t find this last skull on the store, it’s my favorite though.  The insides look like brains don’t they?


Prices seem to range from about $60, up to over $2,300, and size seems to range from small necklace up to full alien.  Yes, they carve alien skulls.  These will be the source of conspiracy theories in a few millennia.


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Curved Origami


Vietnamese artist Hoàng Tiến Quyết makes origami.  But these aren’t your ordinary origami.  He uses a technique called wet-folding, which as it’s name implies, adds water to the paper before folding.  This technique adds an additional layer of skill to origami as you now need to get the right balance of wetness to the paper so that the paper doesn’t dry to quickly, or get too wet to tear too easily.

Blue Horse

The wet-folding technique is most often used for complex organic works, mainly animals.  Overall, I think the pieces are pretty neat.  I don’t think I would ever be able to make one of those though, I can’t even do regular origami.  I think commissioning some of these for a party would be cool though, if it weren’t expensive that is.


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Death Star Trench Run

Death Star Trench Run

Every Star Wars game is required to have 2 specific levels.  Hoth, and The Death Star Trench Run.  One of those levels is finally made for the browser.  Here’s a WebGL enabled Death Star Trench run.  And yes, it is ridiculously hard to play.  Especially when the images don’t load for you.  I have yet to make it far enough to need to use the blasters, but I assume they are there for something, and not just for show.

Death Star Trench Run 2

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Light Warfare

No I did not go soft on you, this is perfectly acceptable “light warfare.”

Having made a few light drawings myself, I can attest that this must have taken them a good long time to make.  But the advantage of digital cameras, and laptops means that they could probably have taken all the shots (total pun) in one night, but editing together the video, adding the sound, that probably takes alittle longer.

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Don’t touch my stapler

staple city

Or should I say staple city, or Ephemicropolis.

Yes, those are staples.  Thousands of them.  Some full sized magazines, some individual staples.  Here’s a nice close up shot of the individual sky scrapers

sky scrapers

And below you can see the entire breath of the domain of Ephemicropolis.

staple city domain

It looks like a 5×5 grid of tiles.  Except I just made that up, and I have no idea how large those tiles are, they look like 18inchers.

They say it’s about 600 x 300 cm.  According to Google that’s 27,900 sq inches, or 193.75 sq ft.  That’s alot.

And if that’s not enough, check out this video of how he made it. One person spending 40 hours breaking, and stacking, and removing, and setting up these staples. I bet he had more then a few moments when he wanted to burn down the building.


The making of Ephemicropolis from Peter Root on Vimeo.

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This is a hard game.  I was able to get a 7 line game, but I didn’t screen shot it, or save the replay.  Oh well, 5 is pretty good.  And for those of you who won’t read the intro, you can get every piece.  It’s hard.  I’ve yet to get a T piece, probably because they are so usefull, and like the name says, it’s hatefull.

Anyway, enjoy you’re game, and don’t come crying to me when you can only get 0 lines.

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Sharpie Wallpaper

Regular wallpaper is such a bitch to put up, and painting is so blah.  Plus, both are expensive.  Sharpies cost $5-10 and come in tons of colors.  Too bad using them requires some artistic talent, something Charlie Kratzer has that I do not.

One thing painting and wallpaper have over sharpies is that they take a weekend to do, this took longer.  However, sharpie requires no moving/covering of furniture in the room, just work around it.

It does remind me of what i want to do with my margin drawings, put them together on a grand scale on my wall!  Only they will be less artistic, more deathly, more stick-figurely, and made in pencil, oh well.


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3 People Chess = Confusion

So, you consider yourself a pretty damn good Chess player, well, why not try taking on 2 people at once, on the same board!  Not possible, well with this special 3 People Chess set, you can do just that.

The rules are the same, and until you get to the center, movement is the same.  As you can see in the following pictures, pawns can move a few places, bishops move exactly the same way, except it kinda looks like they curve, same for the Queen, except she cannot move from black to white accross the diagonal in the center when moving in a straight line.

Actually, it looks like a regular game of chess, and not that much harder, i wonder where you can get a set like this?