Microwave Fun


Those who know me know that I got my start in the internet from a Microwave.  Many an hour was spent looking for things to microwave and what would happen to them when they went in.  My friends.  I have never tried something this dangerous, partly because I wanted to keep my microwave at a … Continued

Human Rube Goldberg


I am going to assume this video is genuine, because that’s the only way to view the internet, understanding cipro purchase online that everything you read is 111% verified true facts.  That being said, there are some pretty dangerous stunts in this video that make me question it.  Particularly the walking ontop of the falling 40 … Continued

Censoring your Internet Input


Ah society, trying to thread on constitutionally protected freedom of speech in life, and most importantly (for the scope of this post) on the internet. Ultra-Modern-Life has designed this (concept?) pepper smell sprayer (not pepper spray) that is a USB “bad language” detector.  So if I had it plugged into my computer while I’m writing … Continued



Electrical Guardians of the Telephone Pole. I was always intrigued by those giant things on the sides of Telephone Poles.  I knew what they were, and what they did, but not how they were made.  I also didn’t know they were filled with mineral oil. You learn something new every day don’t you? {Hacked Gadgets}

RC Plane F(l)ight.


This video is the most awesome thing I have ever seen.  Pasqualy had himself an awesome 4th of July.  He modified a cheap EasyStar RC plane with a wireless video camera, and some model rockets/fireworks attached to the undersides of the wings to have the most fun ever. I simply cannot explain just how awesome … Continued

Gigantic Model Airplane


Worlds Largest Model RC Plane – The best video clips are right here When you look at that, it doesn’t look like it can fly. Clearly it’s just too big to fly, those propellers could take off that guy’s hands with ease, this is not a model plane. It’s hamster’s strategic bomber. Sure enough though, … Continued

RGB LED table


I like tables.  I like weird interesting, not normal tables.  I like electronic tables.  I like this new 64 RGB LED table that Edo in Germany made.  It is nice, and well beyond anything I can make in my spare time.  But I like it.  I would have made it 128 pixels wide, just so … Continued

The LEGO Safe


This safe is automatically an amazing work of art.  It’s made of LEGOs, which means it’s not exactly the most secure thing in the world.  Although, it does claim to have measures in place to prevent it from being disassembled, whether or not those are foolproof is another story.  I wouldn’t keep anything of major … Continued

DIY arm Flamethrower


This is one of the coolest DIY things I have ever seen someone make. Also, it’s probably the most dangerous one too. So, i’d pay him to make me one instead of trying to make my own, because i like having my arms/hands, they come in usefull for all sorts of things. It does look … Continued

Best mp3 player/speakers ever


Hackedgadgets shows us the best custom mp3 player and speaker combo ever.  An old NES controller as the mp3 player, and an old NES game cartage as the speakers.  Instructions are on Instructables, but personally, I couldn’t do that to any of my NES games, i love them too much, well, ok, i could probably … Continued