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I’ve had my fair share of book mutilation posts, and to be honest, this latest one isn’t very in-depth by any means when you compare them to previous ones.  But I imagine it will cause nearly just as much controversy, if only because of the number of Bibles that are used.

Here you can see the outline of the book that will get turned into a gun:

And now it’s all cut out and here’s the actual gun:

Honestly, I don’t think it’s very special.  I don’t mean to be all mean about it, but it’s all very simplistic, yes, there are some cute titles of books choosen to be made into guns (see above comment about the Bibles), but they’re all very clear cut (pun intended) stencil images.

Let’s get some coffee table books, and make assault rifles.  I’d love an AK (for realz).  So come on Robert The, step it up a notch.

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Holy Smoke

I love this idea. Holy Smoke. They take the ashes of you, or a loved one, and insert them into ammo.  It’s as simple as that.  The about us section of their site pretty much sums up everything there is about them:

My friend  smiled and said “You know I’ve thought about this for some time and I want to be cremated. Then I want my ashes put into some turkey load shotgun shells and have someone that knows how to turkey hunt use the shotgun shells with my ashes to shoot a turkey. That way I will rest in peace knowing that the last thing that one turkey will see is me, screaming at him at about 900 feet per second.”

I can get behind that, in fact, I’m surprised that’s not something I came up with.

You can get anywhere from 100 to 250 rounds of ammo depending on the type and caliber you or your loved one preferred.  All for $850.00.  All hand crafted with the love, and care.  What’s not to love about this whole idea?

Maybe they don’t use all the ashes, or they don’t mix the ashes with the gun powder somewhat.  Either way, it’s still a pretty awesome way to go.  Knowing that the last thing you did was provide food for your family in the coolest way possible.  I approve.

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Shotgun Revolver

A revolver is an elegant weapon.  Simple to operate, simple to clean, simple to fix.  You control the rate of fire, you control the spent shells, you control just about everything about it.  I like that, I like control.  I also like Glocks, but my end of the world arsenal will include multiple .44 magnums, which despite what science says, Is the most powerful handgun in the world.

Any Hootie and the Blowfish let’s get this party started.

User rhmc24 created this sick looking revolver shotgun.  By himself.  From scratch.   Look at the craftsmanship on that beauty.  It’s 6x 12ga of power stopping awesome.

All that was custom made with alot of trial and error.  I assume that his trials went semi well to perfectly harmless, because even though I don’t know the first thing about making your own gun, I know that it’s probably one of the more dangerous things you can do yourself.

Her is one last close up where you can see the nice detail of the wood stock, which, is also beautiful.

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AK-47 Guitar

Something has to be said about the AK-47, and how it turly is the greatest assault rifle ever made.  I could literally spend hours talking about it, so instead, I will let Nicholas Cage describe it, in my most favorite part of an excellent movie:

Watch The AK-47 in Entertainment |  View More Free Videos Online at

Anyways, these fine people have managed to make a guitar out of an AK-47, and it actually looks pretty decent too, as you can see from the above shot (haha, shot).

An AK, taken appart.

The closed case actually does look like an ammunition case of some sort.

There’s a switch.

Heres a sketch of what he wanted to make with a real gun.

Here are the specs on it, I don’t know musical stuff, so I’m just gonna link to it.

Also, for version 2 of this, it needs to be able to fire bullets.  Cause we all know that you just need to pick off those fucking annoying fans once and for all, and if you had a fully functional gun on the end of your guitar, you could totally get away with killing those bastard hecklers.

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It’s been long overdue or something, but here is the latest in what could be a long awaited list of wrong stumbles around the internets.  As always its full of the usual memes, gifs, Nazis, 4chan, motivationals, and other general internet shenanigans.  I could write some more, but I am electing to just go ahead and move onto the finals so now:

Get motivated!

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Deadly Earbuds

Audio people will never cease to amaze me at the ammount of money they will spend on something to make it sound perfect.  But whatever, at least this expensive thing has some real value to it’s $250 price tag – gold.  Or probably enough gold to bring the price up $15.

I mean, it looks cool, but you could easily make your own, and it would have that much nice rustic look.  Plus you’d be able to customize them per your ears.  Say you have giant elephant ears, well then you get to fire a Desert Eagle, or a .44 Magnum, the most powerful handgun in the world.  Little kids will get to fire .22s.  It would be the greatest store in the world.

They also have a titanium version, which looks like silver, and not like a bullet any real gun would ever fire.

Make a copper version, then maybe I’ll buy it.  Or open up the store I said above, and I’ll come visit.

{EpicWin | Luxist]

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Pilots with guns

They’ll blow a hole in human bone and flesh the size of the grand canyon, which by the way is coming up on the left!

I want this pilot on my next flight. {source}

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From My Cold Dead Paws: Cats and the Guns They Love (Paperback)

I don’t know where this book came from, or how it got published, but suffice to say, James Bennett is a genius.  He has taken two of my favorite things, and somehow managed to find a portal to another universe where cats have opposable thumbs, and can not only hold these firearms, but use them.  Use them with deadly force I might add.

Feline Power grows out of the barrel of a gun – Meow Zedong

That is a factual quote that Bennett has been able to dig up from the many archives of world history.  The book itself seems exciting.  I don’t have it myself, but I can see from the pictures that these images are not photoshopped.  I have seen a few shops in my days, and these pictures are pixel perfect.  If you haven’t already bought it, now would be the time, also, my birthday is coming up, and this is an acceptable gift. {Amazon}

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The Flashlight Gun

Fit’s in you’re back pocket, so when you’re out for you walk and it gets bad,  BAM! you’re good.

Apparently this gun, the FMG-9 is a prototype from 2008 and nothing’s come of it since.  That’s all fun and games, but really, why do you need it?


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21 Stumbles on the wall

We welcome in the new year with the latest iteration of Stumbles.  This is number 21 (give or take), and this is year 2010, so let’s see where it takes us.  Alittle history:

  • 1 year ago today we were at only stumble 8, and now we’re up to 21, impressive!
  • Imagechan makes it’s triumphant return after a year away
  • This has a gif, a 4chan, a 3 memes and some advice

Hopefully there will be some awesome things in store for 201.  I’m already working on 3 or 4 posts that I think  are great.  And let’s not forget the conclusion to the exciting events of World War IIb.  So sit back, relax, and watch the wrongness fly