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The shield will be down in moments…

Echo Base wifi

…you may start your landing.

Whoever this is officially has the greatest wireless network name ever.  The only thing I ask of you is if you are out there, send us an email.  Because we want a picture of it with no encryption for just a second so we can say “The shield is down!”

Oh, and this was also while waiting in line at the Apple Store in SoHo Wedensday night.

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Movies as Text

Here are a bunch of really, really well done in kinematic Typography.
V for Vendetta, the best one I think on the whole list is amazingly well done, and it also shows one of the good fun speeches of the movie:

The Classic Who’s on first scene. How can you watch/listen to this and not crack up?

Ocean’s 11 scene where Danny does the Vault demo, I have to say, this is one of the weakest ones in the list:

a stumble awesome the greatest

Best Waterslide ever?

That could very well be the most fun water slide ever created.

{FF’s Photo of the Day}

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Best Rubberband Gun Ever

The DISINTEGRATOR holds that title hands down. {Hackedgadgets}

a stumble awesome the greatest

The World

(You’re gonna need to click on that) It’s a mural of many of the world’s most influential people. Imcludiong all the favorites, Hitler, Lenin, Bill Gates?, Lincoln, Elvis and others. There’s a few people missing I think, and theres more then a few people I don’t recognize, but overall, it’s a nice old style view of some of the people who have changed this world the most