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Halo Trailers

It’s that time of the quarter-decade.  A new Halo game is on the horizon.  Only 3 weeks away now, and the marketing blitz is just about to begin.  Halo has always had the best made video game commercials of all time.  Below is the gameplay trailer, which gives some of the story.  To be honest, I haven’t followed much of the long term media campaign at all.  I know I’m missing things, but I don’t care, I’ll find out when I play the game next month.

I’m really excited for the live action trailers.  The live action Trailers for Halo 3 were award winning, I don’t know if Halo 5 looks like it’s going to have a really good story, but I’m not so sure if it’s going to be as touching as the Believe Campaign from Halo 3, that was pretty damn good.  Below are two Halo 5 commercials I’ve found/seen so far.  Let’s hope Microsoft spent a few more million dollars on this campaign.


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Cups of Guns

Cups is a pretty addicting song, it stays in your head and is actually not bad.  Playing The Cup Song with guns, now that is a step in the right direction.  Welcome to the new year guys.

Here’s the regular version:


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Some people are Awesome

And clearly I’m not talking about the girl that left that voice mail, but rather, the theater manager/owner who decided to use that voice mail, unedited (I assume) as the “Don’t use your cell phone in my theater” PSA at the start of each flim.

The theater owner/manager should get an award or something.  And I would make it a my personal duty to only see movies at that theater, because it’s the only one that cares abut their customers, despite what that girl may think.

It was within that movie theaters every right to throw her out, and refuse to refund her money, as she clearly violated the rules , and claiming that she didn’t know she couldn’t use her cell phone only proves that she’s an idiot.

{Village Voice}

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The Dark Toy Story

This is really one of the best trailer mash-ups I have seen in a long, long time. It combines the best movie of the past 10 years, with Pixar’s only sequel. I love how Woody is The Joker, it really fits perfectly! Sure some of the lip syncing could have been better, but you know what, that doesn’t matter, it’s awesome none-the-less.

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World Bear Project

Just read this sales pitch from the World Bear Project:

Founded in 2008, the World Bear program began with a mother’s love and ends with you today.

It began with a young boy in a poverty-stricken section of South Africa, loved nothing more than his stuffed toy, a simple teddy bear. He also had a passion for learning about new places and would stare at pictures of different lands for hours.

Unfortunately, the boy was stricken with ALS at a young age and is already bedridden. His mother sent his stuffed bear to relatives in the Netherlands so he could see his bear in pictures in new and wonderful places. Unfortunately and accidentally, the bear was lost in the mail and never reached its destination.

After hearing the story from his mother, we became passionate about spreading our new found friend’s story to everyone, and using his mother’s idea to let her child see the world outside his room, and make many new friends.

So we ask you, please accept this large cutout of the boy’s bear and let your children take a picture with the bear. Anyone and anywhere is great, we just want more pictures of more friends for our friend.

Please aid our cause in brightening the future of this little boy, and bringing the world closer to him, and closer together!

Doesn’t that sound just heart warming?  Until you see the picture of the bear that is:

Pedo Bear

Yes, the great powers that be on the intenet have set up a legit looking scam to get parents the world over to voluentary have their children pose with Pedo Bear.  Oh how I simply cannot wait for these pictures to slowly start coming in, clearly some parents will be clueless.  But the real fun will come when someone tries to sue someone else about this, thinking that Pedo Bear is a real life pedophile.  Oh, the day that happens will be a great day indeed!

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Real Life Tetris

This could very well be the most beautiful thing i have ever seen. It’s Tetris, played stop-motion like with people. 88 people, and 880 individual pictures. The one thing wrong with this is that whoever is playing really sucks at Tetris, either that, or they didn’t have control over the people.