My Kind of Measuring Cup


I love this measuring cup.  Will someone get it for me? It would useful for all sorts of things, like cooking, bomb making, and taking over the planet.  Cause on the other side it tells you how many grains of flour per people on the planet! It’s a cup with endless uses I tell you! … Continued

The Marble Table


If the Interactive LED table is my Coffee table, then The Marble Table will be my kitchen table. I can easily play with this table for hours, I wonder if peas work instead or marbles, that would make for an interesting dinner with some children (or me). {Gizmodo}

The most usefull book shelf ever


Apartment Therapy has a nice find of what I consider the best bookshelf ever.  Built into the staircase, and still usable as a stair case are book shelves, and lots, and lots of books.  I don’t have this many books, but I know someone who does, and she would get much good use out of … Continued