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Light Up Heart

LED Heart

Remember this ?  Holy crap, that was 9 years ago?  Dang, time just seems to fly by.  Sadly, that heart is sitting on my shelf, not the desk of the person it was originally for, but in honor of Valentine’s Day, here’s the steps to make your own.

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Deadly Pens

Like the Ice bullet ice cube tray, here comes another gun inspired toy, this one for the office, the pen with real machine gun sounds!  Honestly, I think it’s a bit overkill, I mean, I don’t think I’d be able to write with it, it looks too top heavy and unbalanced.

I wonder if it writes in red ink.  This way you could say, this pen writes with the blood of the people you’ve killed with it.  Oh, and it should be a clicky pen, but instead of a clicking it, you have to pull the trigger to get it to write.  Yea, I would use it then.

{buy one | thanks marcus}

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The Best Gift Guide

Daniel foster over at PC Fastlane has put together a true Holiday Gift guide for the Geek you know.  And, I must say, I would greatly accept anything on this list, except maybe the shirt, that’s kinda weird, and I don’t think I’d actually wear it.

But some of the other stuff, perfect right up there.

The Optimus Mini 3, I’d take that, hell, I’m supprised I haven’t bought one already for myself.

The Optimus Maximus, damn, is that not on everyone’s list of wanting?

Uranium Ore, get me uranium ore, and you have the key to my heart.  Get me some plutunioum, and I might just marry you.

So if you want to get that speical geek you know something they will truly love you for, take a look at the full list.  Trust me, it’s way better then a 3rd iPod, or a gift card.

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DIY LED Plexiglass Heart

LED heart

So, ever since I saw The Awesome Door, from a month or so ago, I wanted to make one of my own, I decided I would practice on something a little smaller scale, like a framed heart for a special someone for Valentines Day.

It actually wasn’t very hard to make, and since the popularity of the door was so high, I’m considering making some more of these for people. If you’re interested, send an email to:

If you want to make your own, or see how I made mine, click below