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Miniature Bridge

Remember that miniature concrete building that some guy made?  Here’s a bridge version of it.  It looks slightly better, except the on and off ramp look way too steep for the scale.  I gotta admit, the whole thing of building real life miniatures is pretty cool, but it’s pretty strange too.  Like I get it if you’re using it to demonstrate something, but to do it for fun?  I don’t need a scale model bridge.



Pop Up Wood

Stop being immature.  this is a wooden sculpture thing.  It’s awesome, I have no idea how long it took to make, or what was necessary to put it together, but it looks ace.


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Stub Stumbler

Are you ready kids?!

I can’t hear you!

Are you ready?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

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JPEG -> Animated GIF

Using the magic of technology, the folks over at Plotagraph Pro has come up with a way to turn basic flat JPEG images into animated GIFs.  Sort of like a cinemagraph, instead of needing to take a video though, or use layers in Photoshop, the software will use algorithms to animate the existing data in the image to create movement.  The interface looks straightforward, but it allows you to do some complicated things by adding swirls, and curves, really, you’re limited by your imagination.

I think this is pretty cool, but it’s not cheap, and it’s not available to the general public yet.

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BECausE I sAiD so!!

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Smash Bros. On a Calculator

Smash Bros calculator

Alright, Alright, I’m aittle late to the party here, but better late then never I say.  Omnimaga user Hayleia has put together a port of Super Smash Bros. onto the Ti-83/84 graphing calculators.  You know, those big bulky things that for some reason are still required for high school calculus even though everyone’s phone has more computing power then that?  Anyway, it’s pretty ace if you ask me.  Too bad I don’t have a use for those calculators anymore…

{Engadget|Tiny Cartridge}

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Magical Stumbles

It’s magically WRONG!  It’s also quite short this month.  Sorry about that lots of other things have come up so I haven’t been stumbling or imguring or redditing as much as I used to.  Don’t worry though, I insist to rectify that problem in the next post.  There will be well into double digit stumble images.


POV Hockey Tricks

The stick’s POV specifically.  Yes, I will never stop saying how impressive Hockey is.


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DIY Railgun

rail gun video

reddit user zebralemur has made the world’s most powerful civilian made electro-magnetic railgun.  A railgun for those who don’t know is a type of weapon that uses alternating electric currents to accelerate a slug to super speeds.  No explosion necessary.  It’s usually very powerful and very dangerous.  But also very difficult, and very dangerous to make.  capicators

It took them over 2 years to acquire all of the capacitors necessary for this project, and he somehow managed to get them for an average cost of $46 each, when they go new for over $800 apparently.  So that’s a score.  The rest of the cost of the build he doesn’t go into too much.  But I imagine it’s probably north of $10,000 total.  And it doesn’t look like it’s any more powerful then a standard 12 gauge shotgun, but it’s way cooler, that’s for sure.

It is a first version, so I’m sure it suffers from the cost overruns, and R&D that version 1 of everything does, so I think if they put their mind to it, they could get the total price down quite a bit.  Especially once they get the economies of scale involved.  And, since it’s not any more dangerous then a regular rifle, or any more accurate, I don’t think they’d have trouble with the ATF, but they probably would.

rail gun slugs

I like the “bullets” or slugs really, they remind me of teeth, aluminum teeth that are traveling at a few hundred miles per hour, and will probably travel straight through me if given the chance.

Take a look at his Imgur album to see a very detailed process of how it looks and works, and just how awesome it really is.  And before that, here’s one more gif of the crazy:

rail gun video 2

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The Stumble Gun

Stumble Time 1234.  It’s been some time, but then again, I always say that, and still, here we are.  This month’s addition has quite alot of videos.  Be it in .gif format, or webm format, either way, there are a high proportion of moving photos, I have warned you.  Now, onto the funness: