Today marks the 80th year since the bloodiest war in the history of man.  Early in the day, Hitler’s Nazi Germany invaded Poland setting off the spark of events that spiraled into World War II.  It’s bee sugar coated, it’s been glorified, it’s been everything under the sun, but at the end of the day, … Continued

Alternate History Thursday: Poland


Remember, Remember, The First of September when the axis powers fought Invading the land, and killing the man, of every Aryan not You like that? I just wrote it to commemorate the beginning of World War II.  76 years ago today Nazi Germany invaded Poland to start World War II off in Europe.  Slowly but … Continued

Actual History Tuesday – The Red Baron


Building on the post from this morning, we’re going to zoom 3 years into the future of the past.  Today marks the Manfred von Richthofen, better known as The Red Baron. In case you need a refresher on World War I air history, here it is: The First World War was naturally, the first time aircraft … Continued

The Great War


World War I began in July of 1914.  It changed the world.  I could go on about what changed, but you should have learned all that in school.  Oh, you didn’t, that’s right, unfortunately, The Great War, is always overshadowed by it’s younger, more deadly & exciting brother, World War II.  That’s ok, in fact, that’s completely … Continued

22nd Century Art


How would you like to be a part of a 100 year long photography project?  Well, Team Titanic, out in Berlin is about to start up a 100 year long project.  It’s not something that you would expect either.  Or even something that you could figure out easily.  They are planning to release 100 pin … Continued

RGB LED table


I like tables.  I like weird interesting, not normal tables.  I like electronic tables.  I like this new 64 RGB LED table that Edo in Germany made.  It is nice, and well beyond anything I can make in my spare time.  But I like it.  I would have made it 128 pixels wide, just so … Continued

Becareful, electricity is dangerous


And according to this German handbook from 1933, some strange situations can lead to some painful deaths at it’s mysteryous hands. I don’t think the water stream would be constant enough, it’d probably go through the ladder. Haha, that picture just makes me laugh. There must be something wrong with lamps in pre-WWII Germany, cause … Continued