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I Heard you like Kranes…

So we put a crane on your crane, so you could lift while you lift.

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awesome DIY games video

Real life video games

RACER DEMO 0.1 – video game mashup from sputnic on Vimeo.

This is awesome.  Some Germans made a race track, got a model car, attached a webcam to it.  Then controls for the RC car were attached to an arduino and which in turn was controlled by a steering wheel, and a TV screen showing the first person view of the car.  The size of the car, and the speed it travels at makes it seem like you’re driving at a couple hundred miles an hour, exactly like most racing video games.

This is a pretty neat first version of this idea.  I expect the next version to be able to actually race against another person driving another car on the same track.  The version after that needs jumps.  And the next version needs some missiles or banana peels or powerups of some sort.

Then it’ll be like Mario Kart, and put together Trackmanina.  The only way it could get better is if they get little toy raptors that you have to catch.

{Engadget | racer}


Crazy German Man

This guy is insane.  He straps some custom made inline skates to his feet and decides that a normal skating trip down a steep hill isn’t scary enough, so he goes down a roller coaster.  Wow.  And if that’s not enough, he made some other custom skates and got pulled behind a car going 190 MPH,  and went behind a Bobsled, and raced an airplane, and it looks like he has his own custom roller coaster in his back yard that he practices on.  This guy is crazy.  I mean, I would be hard pressed to ride these Ski slope slides, this guy rides a roller coaster on a skates.

Ok, I figured out what he needs to do to top this one.  He needs to go on a steel coaster, and do some loops.

{Gizmodo | Daily Mail}