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Addicting Games

I think it’s safe to say that I have a few problems. For the past hour or so I have been addicted to the game Light People On Fire It’s a simple game, but I figured out the trick to it, and was able to easily get 24,000 points, if i didn’t have control over myself, i’d probably play for a few more hours, and try to get on the first page of high scores.

Considering how addicted I got to Pandemic last year, which puts you in the shoes of a virus bent on killing all humans, I don’t know what that says about me…

But, really, both of those games are worth playing, simply because they are fun for hours, and hours on end!

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Nearly Impossible “Mario” game

I kinda wish that whoever made this game made some more levels, or, made the entire game, it looks like it could be incredible interesting, and hard, but fun at the same time.{Couple Gaming}

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Best mp3 player/speakers ever

Hackedgadgets shows us the best custom mp3 player and speaker combo ever.  An old NES controller as the mp3 player, and an old NES game cartage as the speakers.  Instructions are on Instructables, but personally, I couldn’t do that to any of my NES games, i love them too much, well, ok, i could probably find one that just sucks, but, its a part of my childhood i don’t want to destroy…
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